Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday Spankings - Surprise from Tom

It’s Saturday again! And you're here at Saturday Spankings I hope looking to fill up your Kindle. I usually fine a few books I have to have after reading everyone’s snippets. I hope you’ll try the latest Cassie book, Cassie Corralled. Remember you don’t need to read the books in order – jump right in.
Last week, with the threat of a bodyguard hanging over her, Cassie takes off in a huff. After a really rough night Cassie returns home in the wee hours. After a little sleep she and Tom talk. Then Tom asks the dangerous question, “Do you deserve a spanking?”

Tom was just holding me; he wasn’t pressuring me to answer - he seemed content to wait. But I knew I had to answer eventually, ‘did I deserve a spank?’ of course I did.
“Yes,” I answered in my quietest voice.
“You’re right,” Tom agreed, “You ran away, drove like a mad woman, stole sleeping pills from my drawer – and took them, ignored my phone calls, and …” he repeated, driving his point home, “You. Ran. Away. You deserve as hard a spanking as I can give.”
I knew, but I couldn’t help shivering a little, I was afraid he would use the belt after the brush. 
“You deserve it, we both know that, but I’m not going to spank you.
I gave him a puzzled look and Tom went on, “I’ve tried for over forty years to get your sincere promise not to run away from me again. I can’t count the times I’ve blistered your bottom for that very thing. But I believe you this time. You do deserve that spanking, but I’m so happy with your promise I just can’t do it.”

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Cassie Corralled (book 8)

    Cassie is still living life to the fullest, telling Allie about long ago shooting incidents, and playing laser tag with the children. Tom keeps an amused, yet watchful, eye on his lovely wife. He tries to be tolerant of Cassie’s fun loving ways, but when she decides to spend the day with people she met through the Internet, without letting him or the girls know of her plans, Tom sees red. Tired of Cassie constantly putting herself in possible danger Tom decides to hire a driver. Cassie immediately sees this plan for what it really is. Tom wants to hire a bodyguard / watchdog / babysitter for Cassie. That’s something Cassie won’t tolerate and after quickly packing a bag, she’s gone with a roar of the engine. In this case Cassie is determine to have her way – and so is Tom, the final decision may change life on the river forever.

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  1. Wow. I'm pleased Tom made the decision he did, but if Cassie still feels guilty, she may not be.

    1. Since she is still sensitively, I think she's pretty relieved at the moment.

  2. Somehow I don't think Cassie is relieved by Tom's decision.
    Great snippet!

    1. She's relieved there is no spanking, but she's still worried.

  3. Aw, sometimes a little mercy is effective! Great snippet.

    1. It was effective. They really do love one another.

  4. heart warming. It made me smile

    1. He really doesn't like to punish Cassie - he certainly will, but he would much rather spank for fun.

  5. Tom doesn't give in too often, good for him.

  6. Tom is such a sweetie. <3

  7. Whoa!!! Tom is not going to spank!!!! Call the local news! LOL! Great snippet, PK! Enjoy your weekend! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. That man does keep her guessing. Hugs back!