Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday Spanking - Cal's Law

Welcome to the last Saturday Spanking before Christmas! I know people are very busy on this Christmas Eve and I appreciate anyone who take the time to stop by today. But I am excited because I have a brand new book coming out next week! You should be able to get Cal's Law by Wednesday, December 28th!
In today’s snippet, Jenny’s in trouble. The last thing she wants is for her parents to be brought into the mix. Cal is unimpressed with Jenny’s main concerns about her situation.

“You can’t call my parents!” Jenny cried. “They’ll kill me! Mother couldn’t possible stand the embarrassment. She wouldn’t shut up about it as long as I lived and Daddy said I can’t go to Greece this summer if I mess up one more time. Please, you have to let me go.”
“So that is the kind of discipline you’ve had all your life? And how did Daddy think you messed up before, eat with the wrong fork at dinner?”
“Daddy’s all pissed about my grades first semester.”
“How bad were they?” Cal asked.
“I failed three of my five classes, but it’s not my fault – not that it’s any of your business. They’re all eight and nine o’clock classes, who can make it to class that early?”


Jenny is the typical rich-kid, sorority girl. Getting good grades isn’t high on her priority list. In fact, that sits well below getting into the secret faction of her sorority. To do that she must pull off a daring bit of mischief. 
Cal Bennett is the town sheriff. He’s a relatively young, no-nonsense, kind of guy – with a good heart. He is the moral center of this small town in North Carolina. But when his and Jenny’s paths cross unexpectedly, things get complicated and he questions his morals and his heart.
His plan to save Jenny from herself by enforcing strict discipline seems like a sound one.  To both of them. At first. He enacts a touch of martial law and Jenny agrees to learn more than English Lit. Cooking, cleaning, and laundry are but a few of her new subjects. Along with time-management, telling the truth and doing homework. Breaking any one in this new set of rules will result in a sound spanking. It all sounds simple enough when she signs on the dotted line of the contract between her and her sheriff. 
But, life is messy and she is faced with one tough decision after another. She’s a college student! Shouldn’t life be easier than this? Less complicated? But she is pulled in two directions: her moral, upstanding sheriff leads her down one path, and a cute frat boy leads her down another. In one direction lies maturity, and a future. In the other, the simplicity of being a rich kid in college where Mommy and Daddy pay for everything. Now she must choose: Will she continue to let her parents pay for it all, or will she learn to pay the price for her own actions?

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  1. Hi PK, Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends :) It's not far off Christmas morning here as I write.

    Congratulations on the upcoming release! Looking forward to reading this, seems Jenny is in for an awakening!


    1. Jenny's world is definitely going to be changing.

  2. Congrats - can't wait till Wednesday. Have a great holiday.

  3. It will be a wonderful post Christmas present, my friend! Of course, I will be rereading it pronto!


    1. There have been many changes I hope you'll like it.

  4. I have a feeling that he can give her some incentive to make it to her classes. Great snippet. Merry Christmas!

    1. Boy are you right! And Merry Christmas to you too.

  5. I expect she'll be getting up in time soon. congratulations on the forthcoming release.

    1. Thanks Jaye! Time management is one of her new courses.

  6. Hi! I'm filling in for Kathryn again as host of SatSpanks! Yikes!! It sounds like Jenny has to be punished. Failing her classes and now this. No excuse. Merry Christmas!

    1. Discipline isn't somethings she's used to. Merry Christmas to you.

  7. Ah Jenny. How soon she'll discover there are worse things than being late for class!
    Have a great Christmas, PK.

    1. She is going to have to get a grip on life. Hope your Christmas is great.