Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday Spankings - Caught

Happy Saturday everyone! I can feel summer coming and I hope to spend much of it reading by the pool. I hope Saturday Spankings blog hop can help you fill your kindle. My snippet today comes from Educating Jenny.

Last week we saw that Cassie and Sue had persuaded the girls to take them to a college party. While there the older ladies stumbled upon a group smoking and they began discussing their past experiences with weed and eventually began to partake. With some difficulty, Jenny and Allie got them rounded up and back to the apartment. The next morning Cassie and Sue, embarrassed, tried to apologize for their actions.

“Stop, Mom,” Allie told her. “It’s over now and we’re all in one piece. I do have a word of advice for you,” Allie teased, “if you ever smoke pot again, do it with Tom. I think it makes you hot. You were coming on to the campus cop and Justin last night.”

Cassie’s face burned with shame and Allie quickly hugged her. “I’m just teasing. Nothing bad happened. I’ve already talked to Daniel and Justin this morning and told them to never say anything about it to any of the guys. I got their word. I just don’t want them to know–ever! If we all keep our mouths shut, we’ll be all right.

“Amen,” Sue agreed.

Cassie remained quiet as the girls fixed breakfast. After eating and a second cup of coffee, Cassie and Sue dressed and seemed to be getting back to themselves. Everyone was finally relaxing when Jenny’s phone rang.

 “Hey honey. How’d your night go?” she answered.

They all watched as her face reddened before she spoke, “How . . . who . . . Cal, who said that? No, that’s not true. We . . .” evidently Cal wasn’t letting her talk. Finally, she said, "Honey, don't call them, please.”

Cal’s young wife, Jenny, just wants to play house with her gorgeous, dominant husband, Sheriff Cal Bennett of Beaufort County.   Cal wants her to complete one more year of college before choosing a path.  Although Jenny is tired of school, she bends to her husband’s wishes and goes off to classes in a nearby city.  On their precious days together, Cal educates his beautiful girl to the idea of sexual fantasies and bedroom toys, and here, Jenny is an eager student!

She is applying herself to her classes and showing Cal she can be responsible when, suddenly, Jenny finds herself being stalked by a mysterious police officer who views every move she makes as criminal. Everyone she cares about knows that what ensues is not Jenny’s doing, but she can’t keep herself from giving in to some sweet revenge. Her plan starts out as a silly college girl prank, but soon lands her on the wrong side of Cal’s law.  

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  1. Uh oh, I think they have been sprung. Great snippet PK :)


    1. Thanks, Roz! Yep, they're caught for sure.

  2. Yeah, trying to keep secrets from the guys, then denying it happened once they find out, never bodes well for the girls. Loved it.

    1. Jenny didn't deny what happened, Cal had been told worse. But he didn't like the truth either.

  3. Oh, no. Busted! I think it'll go worse for her for lying.

    1. No one lied, they weren't going to come clean, but they didn't lie.

  4. Finished this one this past week, PK ... Great book. Looking forward to more Cal and Jenny! ... nj