Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday Spankings - It need to be real

Happy Saturday! My husband is off golfing and I’m getting some real writing done this weekend. While I’m doing that I hope I can entice you to read my latest book, Returning to Us, in the Corbin’s Bend series. In this book, in addition to telling a story, I try to explore some problems in a DD lifestyle that we don’t always talk about.
Susan is doing some deep thinking about the relationship she and her husband have. All is well, but…

As she walked, Susan couldn’t help asking herself, what’s wrong? Hal had made rules and for the most part she followed them. Occasionally he would give her a mild spanking if the house was a mess or she’d let the clean laundry sit around in the basket too long, but it never seemed real. It felt like he was spanking her because he felt she expected it – not because he really cared about the state of the house or the laundry. And this was more like a ‘drive-by spanking’, where she would find herself suddenly over the bed or the couch for a few swats with no warning and no time for her to give it any thought or to take it seriously. When he did that, the spankings almost annoyed her.
Hal was always up for a sexy spanking and Susan enjoyed them too. But somehow they weren’t filling the hole she felt in their lives. She knew she could ask Hal for the kind of spanking she needed, but asking – having it be her idea, defeated the whole reason she wanted to be spanked in the first place.

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  1. Love this snippet PK, these are definitely thoughts and feelings I think most of us have had.


  2. I thought that struggle within Susan was what made her character so strong in this book. Just read the letter you posted this week on New Beginnings to Sam last night. It helps to remind your guy that no matter how they view discipline, to us it's got to be real. Same goes for Susan in Returning to Us.

    So Says Ella

    1. I think they are more comfortable seeing it as a game much of the time. Some never get it.

  3. Susan's problem often leads to bratting, which is a cop out. I'm glad she's trying to approach this in a more mature manner, even though that's a hundred times more difficult. My question is what if Hal is behaving halfheartedly because he really doesn't care about the state of the house or the laundry? Yes, he helped set their rules, but only because she expected them, not because he gave a fig. Now if the broken rule concerned her safety or well-being, I've no doubt he'd be on her in a flash. But housewifely duties may not be of great importance to him. Perhaps they need to review their rules so the things she gets consequences for are the things that matter to him as well. Just a thought. Love the snippet, PK.

    1. You hit it right on the head. They need to have rules that truly mean something and their current ones don't.

  4. SO LOVED this snippet, PK! :) Susan was doing some good thinking there! I enjoyed reading the comments too. I agree with Kathryn above, rules should be about real things, not just made up for the sake of being a rule. Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo