Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saturday Spankings - Communication, or not

I’m late! I should be spanked, but I had my days confused. But it’s Saturday and that means Saturday Spankings! I’m sticking with Corbin’s Bend and my contribution to the series in Returning to Us.
Susan had calmed down since her last discussing with Quincy, found here. She’s beginning to realize fantasy and reality are not the same thing.

“The truth is,” Susan went on, “we really are closer than we’ve been in years. I do get spanked, usually more than once a week, and to be honest, that’s improved our sex life. I think I need to stop worrying that it’s not exactly as I’d pictured it and start being grateful for how good things really are.”
Quincy was giving her a scrutinizing stare. Susan began to feel uncomfortable. While she hadn’t lied to her mentor, neither had she been completely honest with her and from the feel she was getting from Quincy, Quincy knew it too. 
“We’re going to be fine,” Susan assured her. “I think I daydream about some of the big fusses we had when we first got married. We’d really go at it and I’d end up getting my butt blistered. In my memories it all seems fun and exciting. Memories are nice, but a spanking like those would probably kill me now.” 
Susan laughed, then went on. “I’m sticking to our rules and doing as Hal asks. I’ve done nothing to deserve a serious spanking and Hal agrees. It’s just that I sometimes let my fantasies block out my reality.”
“All right,” Quincy answered slowly. “But you are talking to Hal about your feelings, aren’t you? He needs to know.”
“Of course, I am,” Susan lied. “Why would I hide my feelings from my husband?”

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  1. Yeah, I've got a feeling Susan's little white lies are going to catch up with her eventually and she'll receive exactly what she wished for, but may not really want. Great snippet, PK

    1. Exactly, do we ever really know what we want? I know Susan thought she knew.

  2. Great snippet PK, I agree with Kathryn. Why is communing so difficult!