Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday Spanking - Forecasting problems ahead

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I hope you’ll take the time to read my snippet on this hot day. My books aren’t as ‘hot’ as some you’ll find, but it does depict a true love story with plenty of loving domestic discipline.
Today’s snippet come from the fifth in the Cassie Space series, Cassie’s Conflict. Cassie is furious with a woman at the club. After a run-in with her Cassie heads to Sue’s to vent. Dear Sue is ready with martinis made. Somehow I don’t think Tom will be too happy with the way the ladies spent their afternoon. 

Piecing things together later, Steve must have come in somewhere near the end of the second pitcher of martinis. He was there for a milder version of our earlier conversation, still plenty of cursing, threats on Clara’s car and lawn and the occasional song. After standing and listening to us for a relatively short period of time, he went to the other room and called Tom. I heard all about the conversation later.
“Hey, Tom, you home yet?” Steve asked.
“No, I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes. What’s up?”
“Well, I think you better come by our house and collect Cassie first.” 
Tom was on instant alert. “What’s wrong? Is she hurt?”
“Oh no,” Steve assured him. “In fact, I would say neither one of our wives is feeling any pain.”
Tom was quiet for a minute then said, “Are you telling me she’s drunk?” Drunk was much too harsh a word. I was a bit tipsy perhaps, but I was not drunk.“I’ll be right there,” Tom went on, not waiting for Steve to say any more. “Did she drive over?”
“Her keys are in my pocket,” he assured Tom. “I stole them right out of her purse before I called you.”
By the time Tom arrived, I was feeling so relaxed I didn’t even have the good sense to be worried. I was just delighted to see my husband and without regard to the fact that we even owned an ivory hairbrush, I told him about my run-in with Clara and all our delightful plans of getting even. Tom let me ramble on. As I wound down, he quietly said, “I think it’s time to go home.”

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  1. Uh oh, I don't think Cassie will be in a hurry to go home somehow! Great snippet PK :)


  2. She's clearly not feeling any pain, but I suspect Tom plans to change that very shortly. Great snippet, PK.

    1. LOL! Yes, he's going to change that very soon.

  3. Oh dear. Someone's in trouble. And an ivory hairbrush sounds painful.

    1. It is! And Tom is not happy. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. When Tom lowers his voice like that, I know there will be fireworks coming to Cassie's bottom.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. You know it. But she knew how he'd feel about it before she took the first drink.