Saturday, September 7, 2019

Saturday Spankings - Peek into my new book

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. It’s almost time!  Two weeks from now Searching for Home, the fourth in the Cal’s Law series, should be out available! This book includes many of the characters my readers have come to know well. Jenny and Cal, Allie and Ryan, Cassie and Tom and all their friends and family. And the best part is if you’ve never heard of any of these people, no problem. The book stands alone as well.

Let’s jump right in. Allie assumes she is the only one in the house when this happens…

The bastard had followed her! He'd come into her own home! The utter fury she'd felt since that morning seemed to surge into Allie's right arm and she rounded on him. "You son-of-a-bitch! I'll kick your ass!" she shouted as her fist plowed into his face so hard, he went down. With her right leg raised for a well-aimed kick, she heard Ryan shout, "Stop, stop! It's me!" 
"What's happening?" came a shout from the other end of the house. With adrenalin still surging, Allie tried to refocus. She knelt down next to Ryan, helping him sit up. 
He had his hands pressed to his face as he let out a loud, "Ow!" 
Allie heard someone shout, "What's going on? Who's here?" Then another shout, "Allie, are you okay?" 
She looked up to see Cassie and Sue charging down the hall. Cassie was in the lead, but it was Sue who was holding Allie's cast iron frying pan above her head. 
"What happened? Is he still here?" Cassie was demanding, shouting above the music. Allie, ignoring her mother-in-law, was hovering over Ryan. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." 
"Stop!" shouted Ryan above the din. "Allie, turn off the damn music," he commanded, and she hurried to comply.
She came back quickly and knelt beside Ryan as silence filled the house.
"What happened?" Cassie asked for the third time. "Did someone break in? They're not still here, are they?"
Ryan got to his feet. "Sue, will you put that damn thing down before you kill somebody?" Sue lowered the frying pan but still looked around warily.
"I guess I should be glad Allie wasn't holding it," Ryan said.
Allie gently pulled his arm down from his face so she could see the damage. It was bad. 
His eye was swelling fast and she could see the angry-looking red skin that would eventually develop into a serious black eye. 
"You did this?" Cassie asked Allie in a stunned voice. 

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  1. Congratulations on the upcoming release PK. Really looking forward to this :)

    Oh poor Ryan. I definitely want to know what happened to get Allie so riled. Good on her for standing up for herself but oops!


    1. Thanks, Roz. I hope you'll like this one. Trust me, Allie had a good reason.

  2. I love it when you share snippets from an upcoming release. Ryan should have called out or let Allie know from the start he was the one entering her home. By not letting her know, he kinda deserved the punch he got. I mean a girl has got to defend herself, doesn't she? Love the snippet, PK

    1. Ryan would have definitely have faired better if he would have called out!

  3. I love a girl who can stand u[ for herself, even if she doesn't get the right target. Go Allie

    1. Absolutely! She did a great job for what she was thinking.