Saturday, November 23, 2019

Saturday Spanking - HELP!

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I love having a place to come and give everyone just a taste of what’s in my books. Allie and Jenny are in serious trouble in this snippet from Searching for Home.
Jenny and Allie are being followed by the burglars who had already attacked them both. Caught on a one lane dirt road, they burst into a small run down house in the middle of a field, begging for help. 

“Please!” Allie begged. “Lock the door, there are two men after us. They’ll kill us.”
The men were already pulling into the tiny yard. Jenny’s eyes darted around the little house, wondering if they should try to make it to one of the fields and hide there.
The woman, eyes narrowed, picked up a shotgun from a stand near the door and stepped onto the porch with it. The men were already exiting their car and heading toward the house.
“Git,” the old woman told them.
“We don’t want no trouble,” said one of the men, coming to a stop. He still held the foot long pipe he’d used to break Jenny’s window. “But them’s our women. We’re taken ‘em home.”
“I said, git!” the woman repeated and the men looked uncertainly at one another. 
Jenny admired the woman’s guts, but was the gun even loaded? She let go of Allie long enough to head to the tiny kitchen. She saw a knife on the counter and grabbed it. Yanking open one of two drawers, she found another and took it back to Allie.
Allie reached for the knife, grasping it in her fist and holding it up near her shoulder, preparing to stab anyone who came near her.
“No,” Jenny hissed. “Hold it down low, so you can stab it up into their gut. Holding it that way, they can block you with their arm.”
Even in her state of panic, Allie looked at Jenny in confusion. How the hell many knife fights had Jenny been in?

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  1. If I'm every attacked, I know how to use a knife now! Fab snippet. Exciting and intriguing.

    1. Every writer wants to educate - I've done my part if you're ever in a knife fight!

  2. Yikes! Whatever made these men think Jenny and Allie were theirs? Glad they ran into a house that held a shotgun-toting no-nonsense woman. Great snippet, PK.

    1. They may be domestic discipline books - but I do love writing strong women.

  3. Goodness, a lucky break they found a house with a gutsy woman! Love the last line lol. I'm with Kryssie.


    1. LOL! I guess everyone picks up random knowledge.