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Ashe Barker - Sure Mastery

Sure Mastery
Book Two in The Black Combe Doms Series
By Ashe Barker

Alone, vulnerable, Ashley needs Tom to guard her secrets.

I'm happy to have Ashe Barker back today with another great book!

The Black Combe Doms Series Details

  • Ashe Barker Books, 2020
  • Released January and February 2020
  • Contemporary erotic romance, romantic suspense, BDSM
  • Four super-length novels
  • Average 186,000 words per novel
  • HEA endings

Each book in the series is a stand-alone novel, but the four are best read as a series, in order.

  • Book One : Dark Melodies
  • Book Two : Sure Mastery
  • Book Three : Hard Limits
  • Book Four : Laid Bare
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  • Ashe Barker Books, 2020
  • Released 4 February 2020
  • Contemporary erotic romance, romantic suspense, BDSM
  • 198,000 words 
  • No cliffhangers, HEA 

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He’s hurt her once, and terrified her. He holds her future in his hands. Can she trust him with her body too?
Desperate to escape her past and start over, Ashley McAllister cuts her ties with her old life and heads for the wild landscape of West Yorkshire, the perfect place to reinvent herself. And her carefully laid plans are working, until she encounters her nemesis—the one man she’d hoped never to see again—Tom Shore, the man she and a gang of thugs attacked and robbed, and who swore he’d make her pay. He owns the cottage she’s made her home and adores, and now he wants his pound of flesh. So he takes it.
Intimidated and beaten by her sexy and dominant landlord, and totally confused by her intense physical response to him, Ashley needs Tom to guard her secrets. But will he and his enigmatic and terrifying friend, Nathan Darke, allow her to leave her past behind and start again? Having survived her first explosive and humiliating encounter with Tom, Ashley struggles to get her new life back on track. But Tom wants her. His demanding, persuasive, sensual charm is almost irresistible, his mastery of her assured.
But—can she submit to Tom’s dominance? Should she? Ashley has escaped one violent and abusive relationship. Is she about to be sucked into an even darker and more dangerous liaison?

This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers.

This novel was previously released as three separate books, Unsure, Sure Fire and Sure Thing in the series Sure Mastery. In this volume the three books in the Sure Mastery trilogy are published as one combined novel, under the title, Sure Mastery with new cover art, no cliffhangers and a HEA.


Then, suddenly it’s not getting any worse. I can no longer hear the harsh crack as his huge, heavy hand lands, again and again, on my tender, abused bottom. Perhaps I’ve managed to block it out. Perhaps I can bear this after all. Or perhaps he’s finished.
“Ten, we said. Now, open your legs.”
I mumble something. It’s meant to be something eloquent and fitting along the lines of ‘Fuck off, you sadistic bully, and leave me alone’, but perhaps it’s just as well for me he didn’t catch what I said.
He chuckles. Maybe his ears are sharper than I thought. “Ashley, I promised you more. And you do like this bit. Open your legs. Now.”
Do I? What do I like? “Leave me alone. You said you wouldn’t… You said you’d go when, when…”
I hate myself for being such a wimp. I never grovelled to Kenny like this, just used to pick myself up and get on with things. This is different. I’m not physically injured, I know that, but no way am I picking myself up any time soon after that spanking. I just want to be left on my own to crawl into my bed, lick my wounds, recover as best I can.
He’s not giving up, not letting me up yet.
“Ashley, let me do this. I promise to make it good for you.” There’s nothing threatening in his tone now. His voice is soft, seductive, and I feel the tension in my clenched muscles relax as he palms my bottom, soothing the soreness there. I remember how good he made me feel, just for a few brief moments, before the spanking. I start to do as he asks, opening my legs a little. He doesn’t ask again, just parts my thighs with his hands, and I don’t resist. He slides the fingers of his right hand between my legs, stroking through my delicate folds before slipping first one finger, then two inside me. I flinch, expecting pain, expecting him to be rough, cruel. That this is to be the final act of degradation for me. 
But he’s gentle, and I’m wet, slick—his fingers enter me easily. It feels good, as good as before. Better even. He strokes me, taking care not to hurt me, somehow spreading and opening his fingers inside me to increase the pressure on my inner walls. I gasp. Nothing Kenny ever did, at his most attentive and passionate, ever came close to this. I moan, and without conscious thought I squeeze around him. He chuckles again, murmuring encouragement. “Enjoy, Ashley. Let yourself go. Come for me.” 
He slides his fingers out of me, only to reach farther down, to delicately circle my swollen clitoris. I gasp, now spreading my legs wider to allow him access. He takes advantage of my invitation, using the fingers of his left hand to delicately spread the lips of my pussy before sliding two gentle fingers deeply inside once more. His right hand is for my clitoris. He rolls the throbbing, sensitive little bud between his finger and thumb. It’s all I need. My orgasm starts to pulse through me, powerful, unstoppable. I cry out. He knows, and increases the pressure slightly, sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy, circling the sensitive lips before plunging back in, deep. I arch, flexing against his hands to savour the incredible, unexpected sheer joy of his touch. In a few short moments it’s over. He’s drawn every quiver of erotic pleasure from my sore, abused body. I lie still again, shaking, breathing heavily. Wondering what the hell just happened.

About Ashe Barker
USA Today Bestselling author Ashe Barker writes erotic romance and spanking romance in a variety of genres including contemporary, BDSM, paranormal, historical. ménage, gay romance and time travel. She is a #1 Amazon Bestseller and all her stories feature hot alpha males and sassy submissives, often with a lot to learn. Kink abounds, and there’s enough dirty talk to satisfy the most demanding smut lover. However dark and dirty the setting, love always emerges triumphant, and her stories never fail to deliver a satisfying happy ever after.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting, hot read. I love the premise and enjoyed the hot, tantalising snippet. Thank you both :)