Saturday, February 8, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Emotional attachment

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I’m taking the time to go back and post some snippets from all my books. This snipped from my first book, Cassie’s Space, comes after Cassie tells Tom she has been making friends online and writing a blog about their domestic discipline marriage. Tom is horrified and the spanking he gave Cassie when he learned the truth left no doubt about his feelings. But Cassie’s feelings for her online friends and her blog, her emotional attachments to both are strong too, as Tom is about to find out.

“How are you feeling, honey?” he asked as I joined him in the sitting room. “You’ve slept for hours. I didn’t realize how tired you were. Where would you like to eat tonight?”
He seemed as though everything had returned to normal. I just had to try, “Tom, please, I want to talk about the blog. There are still things you don’t understand, and I need you to listen.” 
Tom raised his hand in a stop gesture, which never fails to irritate the fool out of me. 
“We’re done with that, and I don’t want to hear any more,” Tom snapped. 
He sounded so adamant. I knew he wouldn’t let me explain. At that moment, I really felt my quest to keep my online friends was over. I felt a range of emotions and they all felt so strong. My mind cast around for something else to say. My heart hurt with the thought of losing my friends. That’s what my mind and heart were thinking and feeling. Meanwhile, my hand picked up the ice bucket and threw it at Tom.
Thank heavens the man has good reflexes. I missed him, barely, but the bucket sailed across the room and hit a lamp, knocking it off the table. I don’t know which of us was more shocked. I felt horrified. Tom just stared at me. He finally walked over to the lamp and set it back on the table. He picked up the ice bucket and brought it back to where I stood. He turned to me and put his arms around me and just held me. I couldn’t stop crying. He finally said, “Well, honey, I’m sorry I wouldn’t listen. I guess what you have to say must be pretty important to you. Let’s talk.”

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  1. Goodness, that sure got Tom's attention! Glad he realised the importance of Cassie's blog and friends to her and decided to let her explain. Great snippet PK :)


    1. He was more mad about the blog than anything Cassie had done in many years. Glad he decided to listen.

  2. Too bad it took Cassie throwing something to get his attention. He's usually more perceptive than that, at least he is later in their marriage. Sometimes men can be incredible hard-headed. Love the snippet, PK.

    1. There are a few things he has always been firm about and one is NO negative publicity. The blog really threw him. Glad he finally listened.

  3. Hello there, PK,
    I have been in recuperation mode once again, and have been rereading the Cassie books. They are still my favorite series. Like comfort food!!! They are my comfort books.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. I love that you feel that way. There are more adventures to come. I hope you feel the same way about them.