Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Cassie's on a Tear!

Thank you for coming back for another Saturday Spankings. I hope I’m able to show the overall feel of my Cassie’s Space series and I hope you’ll try one. Each book can be read as a standalone. Today’s snippet comes from the forth book, Cassie’s River Living.
Cassie and Tom are vacationing at a lovely resort, but another couple staying there has had Cassie in a fury for days. The woman is after Tom and has been very brazen and downright vulgar about it. At Tom threat of an all-out rump roasting, Cassie has reluctantly kept her cool. But enough is enough!

I couldn’t believe it, but that horrible woman grabbed a chair from the next table, plopped her behind in it and pulled right up to our table. She actually pushed Sue’s chair to the side as she did so. I was scared for a moment Sue was going to attack before I was able to. Phyllis acknowledged no one else at the table as she grabbed Tom’s arm and stuck her boobs in his face.
I had had plenty of wine earlier, drinks with dinner and Sue’s sympathetic ear all afternoon.
Hairbrush be damned. I had had enough! Now it was time for my say.
“Mrs. Hawkins,” I began.
“Oh honey, you can call me Phyllis,” she interjected, without looking my way.
“There are a great many things I could call you madam, but most of those names aren’t considered proper to use in a polite conversation, so I will just tell you what you need to know.”
I had her attention then, so I continued. “You need to put your drooling tongue back in your mouth, your mascara spider eyes back into your head and your fake boobs back into that cheap dress that is two sizes too small for you. The man you are so eagerly pawing is my husband and although he rarely needs rescuing, I am stepping in because he is too much of a gentleman to know how to get rid of a cheap slut who clings like lint. So, I am telling you straight out – keep away from both of us. It’s not normally my job to take out the trash, but trust me, if you lay one more finger on my husband, I will take you out.”

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  1. Oh dear,Cassie really let her have it lol. I can't say I blame her. It's almost worth a spanking lol.

    Loved this Pk :)


    1. She said exactly what she needed to! Tom needed the help.

  2. Now I need to know Tom's reaction. I mean given the things Cassie could have said, she was really being rather polite, I think. There's just so much a person is willing to take before speaking up. Great snippet, PK.

    1. She got her told and she did it like a lady!