Saturday, May 23, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Cassie's Reasons

I’m happy to have you here for another Saturday Spankings. I’m enjoying working my way through the Cassie Space Series and I continue to write about the Cassie and all her family at the river. It’s a bit of a slow process right now. Today’s snippet is from the fourth book, Cassie’s River Living.
I’m continuing with the conversating I began last week, where Cassie is trying to explain the domestic discipline lifestyle to Allie. I think Allie has some vital questions and I’m glad Cassie only tried to answer for herself – because everyone has their own reasons.

Allie had more questions. “But what I don’t understand is why Tom has the right to tell you what you can do or not do. If he’d taken the boat out yesterday, it would have been fine. If he’d gotten stuck in that house a few months back, you wouldn’t have fussed at him. I know he’s the man and all, but being a man doesn’t give them the God given right to boss women around and make them ‘mind’. We have brains too, you know. You’re just as smart and sensible as Tom is. Why does he have the right to tell you what to do and spank you if you don’t listen? They‘re not always right just because they’re men. I just don’t get it.”
I had the feeling we were no longer talking about just Tom and me and I wondered again what was going on with her and Ryan. But I wasn’t quite ready to ask.
“Allie, those are reasonable questions, but I can only answer them for Tom and me. After my first husband died, I lived on my own for five years. I had no money worries and for the first time in my life I was free from anyone’s rules or authority. I could do anything I wanted to and, oh my, I did. Honey, I went so wild I’m surprised I survived it. I nearly didn’t. When Tom came along, I was drinking too much and living very recklessly. For reasons I’ll never understand, Tom fell in love with me. However, he hated the way I acted. He thought of me as a lovely lady, although I didn’t act like one at the time. Once we began dating, he made it quite clear he expected me to act like a lady. What he fussed about the most at first was the way I cursed and I did curse like a sailor.”
Allie burst out laughing at this. “Cassie, I cannot imagine you cussing! You’re always the perfect lady.”
“Oh my.” I laughed, as I told her, “I guess I can play the part well now. But what I want you to understand is that in my case, I was out of control, and I needed the stability Tom provided. Because of Tom’s willingness to love and protect me the way he has all our lives, I’ve been able live life to the fullest always knowing Tom was there as my protector. Having him ‘be the boss’ works for us. I can’t say I don’t fight against it sometimes, and I know this would not be for everyone. But truly, I’m perfectly content.”

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  1. I love this snippet PK. Such a great answer from Cassie. I love how she said she could only speak for herself and Tom and how she reassures Allie at the end that she is content.


    1. It might not be the life Cassie would have thought to choose, but it's the life she's loved.

  2. Allie is asking the questions I often ask myself. It's a fine line. For Cassie, Tom's dominance works and she even craves it. I like Tom. He's a good man and he clearly loves Cassie, which is so important. He also has a sense of humor, which is essential. Dominant men aren't infallible. They make mistakes, too. That's why communication is a must, and for me, personally, I need to know that consent is understood and respected, even if it's dubious. But that's me. Love the snippet, PK.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn. I do agree. Cassie always says that she is in a domestic discipline relationship of her own free will and she is totally in favor, unless Tom is in the act of spanking for something serious - then she's against it. LOL!