Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday Spankings - By the skin of her teeth

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I’m still in book five of the Cassie’s Space series, Cassie’s Conflict. Cassie is still having problems with Clara from the club. Tom is content to let the lawyers handle everything while Cassie and Sue possibly had other, additional, ideas. Ideas that Cassie wasn’t eager for Tom to discover.

“That woman is unreal, she knows no bounds,” Tom told Steve. “I really think she’s nuts and I’m glad they barred her from the club.” Tom chuckled as he continued, “Her latest wild accusation is that the four of us rolled her yard last week.”
“We did what?” Steve asked, laughing.
“Last Wednesday night she thinks we snuck out in the middle of the night to toilet paper her trees.” Tom laughed again. “We weren’t even here last Wednesday, we were…” Tom stopped talking. Sue and I hadn’t moved a muscle. I could feel Tom’s eyes boring into me as clearly as if he were using a hot poker.
Slowly he repeated, “We… weren’t… here… last… Wednesday. You and Sue stayed here with Drew and Cameron. Two young teenage boys and that was the night Clara’s yard was TPed.”
“Cassie you need to look at my flower beds and help me make some decision,” Sue said, as if we weren’t listening to the boy’s conversation at all.
“Sure, I’ll come look,” I told her as we quickly got to our feet and hurried down the steps, feeling like the hounds of hell were nipping at our heels.
“Hold it right there,” Tom commanded the minute we hit the lawn. We didn’t have a prayer. My heart pounded as all we’d done raced through my head. Tom had told me more times than I cared to count to stay completely away from Clara. We’d drug the children into our foolish, not to mention illegal, activities and I was sure Tom would see TPing someone’s yard in the dead of night as dangerous on many levels. We turned to face Tom. Sue reached quietly to take my hand and we stood united waiting for Tom to continue.
“Cassie Jane, did you actually go to that woman’s home and…”
He stopped talking and I stole a quick glance at him. He was staring at us intently. Abruptly he said, “Never mind, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.” Turning back to Steve he said, “I think the golf tournament’s still on, lets catch the ending.” And they disappeared into the house.
I felt as if I was rooted to the spot. I slowly turned my head to look at Sue. She looked as stunned as I was. 
“That has never happened before,” I told her in wonder as we walked slowly toward Sue’s house. I took a few deep breaths. I know the term, dodging a bullet and I knew I had truly done that very thing, but this one was so close I’d felt the wind as it whizzed by.

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  1. Phew, what a great snippet PK, especially given the global TP gate as a result of the pandemic.

    I had to laugh at Cassie and Sue doing this, they are such a hoot lol. A very lucky escape for Cassie. Not like Tom to let it slide. Perhaps he secretly likes that they did it too, given all the grief caused by Clara.


    1. He might not have approved, but eventually he didn't DISapprove seriously.

  2. Omg! Lucky ladies! I bet they feel like it was their birthday and Christmas! That’ll never happen again! A freebie! :D

    1. A freebie from Tom is something seldom received!

  3. Even Tom doesn't like Clara, so despite the fact he doesn't approve the act, he does understand the sentiment. Good for him, and very lucky for Cassie.

    1. Even Tom has his moments. I guess seeing Cassie there safe and sound led him to ignore all else.