Saturday, July 18, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Without a word

Happy Saturday! I’m still using snippets from the Cassie series. But I am currently writing and hope to have a new book out in the coming months. Today’s snippet is from book five, Cassie’s Conflict.

Poor Cassie is still having trouble with the horrible woman from the club. After Clara slapped Cassie, Cassie came back with a punch that broke Clara’s nose.  And now they’ve heard from the woman’s lawyer.

That hideous woman wanted medical costs plus $50,000 in pain and suffering. I went ballistic. “Tom, come down here,” I yelled up to his study. “That sorry bitch! How dare she?” I yelled. “Who does that spiteful woman think she is? Does she know with whom she’s dealing? If I get my hands on her again, I’ll give her $50,000 worth of pain and suffering.” Tom had taken the letter from my hand and let me continue my rant as he read it. 
“If you’re through with your hysterics,” Tom finally said, “I’ll call Arthur and find out what’s going on.” I was still muttering and grumbling as he placed a call to our lawyer. They talked a while and finally I heard Tom say, “So all you think they’re really expecting is a quick monetary settlement?”
Oh boy, that set me off again. “We’re not giving that bitch one thin dime! Don’t you dare agree to a settlement! I won’t have it.” I stormed into the kitchen and slammed my hand down on the island in emphasis.
“Arthur, can you hold for just a second?” Tom never even looked at me as he opened the drawer and got out our biggest, heaviest, wooden spoon. He laid it on the counter between us and went back to his phone call. I supposed it had the effect he wanted. I hushed. I wasn’t about to let Clara cause me one more spanking, and I particularly didn’t want to tangle with that spoon.

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  1. Gotta love, Tom. He knows exactly what it will take to settle Cassie down, and he doesn't have to say a word. Though I'm sure he doesn't appreciate her language, he also knows she needs to let out steam when she gets that riled. So, he gave her a moment before letting her know he'd had enough. Excellent snippet, PK.

    1. They are perfect for one another. The man knows when to let her rant and when it's time to rein her in.

  2. Great snippet PK. I agree with Kathryn, love how Tom handled the situation. He definitely knows how to handle Cassie!


    1. He really does. He's had plenty of practice.

  3. Tom and Cassie are such a fine balance for one another. That spoon would terrify anyone into monitoring their temper!

    1. And she know he is an expert when it comes to handling it.