Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday Spankings - Beach Memories

Welcome to Saturday Spankings – It’s almost time for he new book! Today’s snippet is from the first book in the series, On the River. Book two is coming next month.


Today’s snippet focuses on Cal and Jenny. As they enjoy a playful afternoon, Cal has Jenny thinking back to some wonderful memories they have from their honeymoon on the islands.

He was spanking hard and still Jenny pushed back after each spank wanting more and more. As the slaps came faster and faster, Jenny was burning both with desire and the fire-like feeling of the spanking.  The burns were entwining themselves and Jenny was soon going to be unable to hold back. As Cal’s hand finally slowed he asked, “Do you remember what we saw? Do you remember what we did?”

Jenny’s head hung down with her effort to keep control. “The horses…” was all Jenny was able to say.

Cal took over. “That huge stallion mounted his mare. The power he showed and the screams we heard from them both were more than we could take. It was all we could do to get back to our private strip of beach before we could reenact what we’d seen.”

Jenny was back on the beach, she could almost feel the sand in her hands, as Cal rose up behind her and took her with the power they had seen the stallion display. Her reality sank down to the two of them in the moment. Cal deep within her, plunging over and over. The sear of pain every time his body slapped against her burning ass heightened the exquisite sensation of him inside her.

They came at the same moment, something Jenny loved. Both sank down on the bed, basking in their pleasure. They both were lying on their stomachs, as Cal’s hand reached back to gently rub the area he’d recently turned bright red.

“If you want me to keep this up for the next twenty-four hours, I’m going to need some nourishment,” Cal finally spoke.

“Wimp,” Jenny answered.

Two hard slaps to her sore behind got her moving. “Yes, dear! Yes, dear! I’ll feed my big strong stud right now!”

“That’s better,” Cal told her with a grin as she headed to the kitchen in all her naked glory.

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This first book in a new series by PK Corey follows the funny, quirky and romantic escapades of Cassie and her friends Sue and Annie as well as the younger generation who are all involved in solving a problem from Cassie’s past.


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Searching for Home (book four)

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  1. Very sexy and hot! Love this snippet PK:)


  2. Delightful! I loved that scene and your snippet!

  3. Sexy indeed. Great snippet, though I'm sure Jenny is just as worn out as Cal, so how come he sends her off to make them sustenance. I think she spoils him. Loved the story, and looking forward to reading more.

    1. Ha, excellent point. She does spoil him some, but I don't think she minds.