Saturday, July 17, 2021

Saturday Spankings - the Belt

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Summer is getting hotter and hotter and I think our snippets should do the same. I’m putting up snippets from On the River the first book in my newest series. Book two is coming in August.


Cassie and Tom aren’t the youngest couple you’ll ever read about, but their love for one another is as strong and passionate as any you’ll fine. They know each other well…



They came together with passion. Passion heightened by separation, arguing and spanking. A passion familiar to them both. Cassie reveled in the lovemaking that was always rougher and more intense when Tom was just a little angry.

Although this wasn’t a common occurrence, Cassie loved the rougher sex. Though she rarely requested it, she reveled in it when it occurred. Tom was a gentle and skillful lover, nearly always catering to Cassie’s needs and desires, but there were times she wanted more… more… something,that she had trouble articulating.

But this time she knew what she wanted, and she murmured her request in Tom’s ear. His arms tightened around her for an instant and he slowly nodded. He left the bed and stepped over to where he’d undressed, and smoothly removed his belt from his pants.

Cassie loved the sound of the belt sliding loose. She didn’t know why this particular implement caused her to feel the way she did. The belt was sensual to her. Just the thought of it, the anticipation caused feelings of submission and longing that were unlike anything else.

As Tom came back to the bed, she buried her face in the pillow as her fist held onto the pillowcase. With the first sharp crack of the belt, Cassie, as always was amazed by the pain and pleasure of it. She wanted more, more than she knew Tom would give her. On the fifth stroke she was completely carried away by the orgasm that rushed through her. She cried out and Tom dropped the belt and quickly curled around her.

It took a moment for Cassie to come back to herself. “Tom, Tom…” she tried to speak.

“Shh…You’re okay girl, I’ve got you,” Tom was cooing to her. “I’ve got you.”

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Cassie and Tom Duff live at The Landing, a beautiful neighborhood by the river in their little town in North Carolina. They’re surrounded by their beloved family and friends. Most of the couples here live a domestic discipline lifestyle where the husbands are the head of household. It can’t be said that these ladies always follow their husbands’ lead and the men often have their hands full trying to keep up with their fun-loving and headstrong wives.


This first book in a new series by PK Corey follows the funny, quirky and romantic escapades of Cassie and her friends Sue and Annie as well as the younger generation who are all involved in solving a problem from Cassie’s past.


Come and join the ride! You’ll definitely feel like you’re a part of the family. 

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  1. The belt is one of those implements that are extremely sexy in and of itself. Possibly because its removal means the pants will be quick to follow. Although, in this case, the pants were already off and Cassie was ready for more. Ready for a little bite with her pleasure. Nicely done, PK. Love the excerpt.

    1. The belt is like part of him, always close to him. I think that's what Cassie loves.

  2. Very nice, sexy snippet PK. There is definitely something about the belt that puts one in that headspace. An extension of the man perhaps?


    1. Yes, it does seem to have a direct connection to the mind.