Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday Spankings - Keeping Secrets


Thanks for coming by Saturday Spankings once again. I have another snippet from Secrets on the River, the second in the On the River series. 

Jenny went to the rescue of Cal’s younger sisters at a drunken frat party while he was out of town. Cal was grateful for her help, but he was very upset that she’d said nothing about it when he’d asked about her weekend. Cal saw this omission as lying and Jenny was soon over his lap as he let his displeasure be known. 


Jenny sagged in relief when Cal took a break and rubbed her glowing cheeks. 

“I just want you to remember, this spanking is for lying to me. You just tell me the truth – always – and we’ll work out anything that needs to be done together. But you tell me!”

As he spoke he reached for the paddle. At the first stoke, Jenny howled. It’s better than the damn oak but it still sucks! she thought in a panic. “Please, Cal!” she begged. “That’s enough!”

Evidently he disagreed. He spanked a little longer. Then after another short pause, she got five more burning swats on each cheek before he put the paddle down. He held her in position and rubbed her ass. She hissed at even this gentle touch.  He helped her up and wrapping his arms around her again, she calmed and began to breathe more normally.

“Lie down,” he directed. “I’ll get the lotion.”

As Cal gently smoothed the lotion into her red globes, Jenny asked, “Will you hold me?”

Cal’s heart felt as if it were going to melt with the love he felt. Most of their spankings were fun and sexy, but even at times like this, when he’d felt true discipline was needed, she still wanted to be with him. To feel him next to her. He stripped to his shorts and curled around her.

Jenny hissed as her sore, raw bottom pressed against him. She was always taken off guard with conflicting feelings – serious painful throbbing from her ass even as total love and peace filled her.

“Why can I take more pain when we’re playing?” she asked him after a few minutes. “When we play, it’s like I want more and more pain and I can take anything you’ve got for as long as you’ll keep it up. But when you spank me for real, it just really hurts and I want you to stop. I understand that attitude has something to do with it but why would I feel the physical pain differently?”

“I don’t know, honey. But I know I don’t like spanking you for real. It honestly does hurt me too. If you’d behave yourself – like you do most of the time – maybe neither of us would have to worry about it.”

“Sure,” Jenny answered with just a touch of sarcasm. “I’ll work on that.”

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Everyone has secrets, but most don’t have major implications. When Jenny tries to keep her weekend activities from Cal, the repercussions of him finding out land only on her. But some secrets are bigger and more far reaching. You would think that as long as Cassie, Sue and Annie have known each other, surely they could have no real secrets from one another. But you’d be surprised. The full truth behind one secret may never be known, another could change the face of The Landing forever.


From steamy sex to both playful and painful spankings, the people on the river continue to live and love and marvel at all that are learning.

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  1. Such a great snippet PK and I love how you captured both of their feelings. Had to giggle at Jenny's last reply.

    That's a great question too. I think it's all tied in with the emotions involved.