Saturday, October 9, 2021

Saturday Spankings - Payback time

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. I’m putting up Snippets from Secrets on the River. You can look back to last week’s post for a little more background. Once Tom learned of the prank Cassie and Sue had pulled on Lily, he dealt with it in his own way – first congratulating her on the well-thought through and carried out prank, then blistering her butt for pulling it on Lily. He had laid the law down on pulling pranks on Lily years ago. But Lily has her own thoughts on punishment.


“Lily said she’s not quite ready to sit and eat with you and Sue and I can’t blame her. So she’s eating with the family and you and Sue can eat in your rooms.” With that pronouncement, Tom turned and left the room.

Anger began to fester up in Cassie, but it didn’t get far. Amusement and grudging respect was taking its place. This had to be Lily’s doing, getting them back for the rat and doing a damn good job at it. In truth, Cassie knew she could walk right out of her room and eat anything she wanted from the kitchen and go sit by the river if she wished. Tom wouldn’t actually stop her. But she knew he would be disappointed in her. He’d feel she could dish out a good joke but wasn’t taking the payback with good graces.

The smell of the standing rib roast was driving her crazy. Lily didn’t fix it often and Cassie’s mouth watered. Lily always made her garlic mashed potatoes with it and there was fresh asparagus in the refrigerator. Lily was no doubt fixing her classic southern biscuits too. There was also a chocolate cake baked that very morning, waiting to be cut. Cassie sighed again and looked at her watch.

Finally, several days later it seemed to Cassie, Lily came in with a dinner tray. “Bless your heart, Lily! I’m dying of starvation. I’m so sorry about our little trick. Are we forgiven?”

“I ain’t decided yet,” Lily replied sharply. “I wish y’all could learn to behave yourselves, is all. Mr. Tom say you got to eat in here. I done cut it up for you. Holler if you want more.”

“Thank you, Lily! I really am sorry,” Cassie told her contritely.

Lily gave a non-committal grunt and left. Hurrying to the little table, Cassie quickly lifted the plate cover only to stand gaping in disbelief…


Now if you want to know more you’re going to have to buy the book – but rest assured it has nothing to do with a rat!

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Everyone has secrets, but most don’t have major implications. When Jenny tries to keep her weekend activities from Cal, the repercussions of him finding out land only on her. But some secrets are bigger and more far reaching. You would think that as long as Cassie, Sue and Annie have known each other, surely they could have no real secrets from one another. But you’d be surprised. The full truth behind one secret may never be known, another could change the face of The Landing forever.


From steamy sex to both playful and painful spankings, the people on the river continue to live and love and marvel at all that are learning.

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  1. Ha, ha,I bet it isn't the devine rib roast and chocolate cake lol. Now that's payback!


  2. Ha ha, I know but I’m not saying! Lol

  3. All I could think of is paybacks are hell. Just hope it isn't roasted rat... Love the snippet, PK!