Saturday, January 29, 2022

Saturday Spankings - Uncomfortable conversation

Welcome back to Saturday Spankings. I’m enjoying sharing snippets from Returning to Us, my addition to the Corbin’s Bend books. Hal and Susan jumped through all the hoops and have finally settled in Corbin’s Bend, a community that fully embraces the spanking/discipline lifestyle.

On one of their first evening Susan gets to meet and have dinner with, her mentor Quincy and Hal meets his new guide, Jason. These are the longtime residents assigned to help Hal and Susan adjust to Corbin’s Bend and their renewed lifestyle. But Susan wasn't quite prepared for the dinner conversation.


What a lovely couple, Susan thought when Jason and Rose arrived. They looked to be in their early seventies and very aware of one another. She liked the way he gently held her hand as they all sat talking.

Dinner was delicious and the conversation happy and relaxing. Susan couldn’t help but feel that their decision to move here had been the right one. Up until Quincy began her questioning, that is.

“So, I understand that you two used to have a DD relationship, but you stopped spanking.” She turned to give Hal a stern look. “And you both let the marriage get away from you. And now, I take it, you’re willing to go back over his knee again,” she indicated Susan, “and you’re willing to take her in hand,” she finished, eyeing Hal again.

As Susan and Hal stared in mild shock, Jason, Rose and Abby chuckled. “Come on, Quincy,” Jason said mildly, “tell them what’s really on your mind.”

Quincy waved him away with a ‘shoo’ gesture. 

“Tell me Susan, when was the last time he put you over his knee and gave you a serious spanking?” Susan’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. Even after reading all the Corbin’s Bend literature, nothing had prepared her for such a direct conversation.

Hal saved her. “We haven’t done discipline in a true sense for nearly twenty-five years. It seems as if we’ve only begun talking about it again in the last few months.”

“Why is that?” Aunt Quincy asked firmly.

Susan finally found her voice. “The kids came along. I started teaching, Hal was finishing up school and building up his business. We just drifted apart.”

“Well it’s high time you get back to it. It’ll bring you closer. Have you established any rules yet?”

As Susan and Hal stammered for answers, Jason spoke up. “Let them catch their breath, Quincy.”

“They’ve had twenty-five years to breathe,” she began.

Susan noticed Jason give Quincy a look that was serious and penetrating. He had the air of a man used to being respected and obeyed. Quincy saw it too and quickly stopped her badgering to listened to what Jason had to say

“Before we get ahead of ourselves, I think I should meet privately with Hal tomorrow. That’s my job. I may be able to give him some ideas on how to begin again.”

“That sounds great,” Hal agreed. Susan nodded too. Anything to end the conversation at the moment.

After thirty-five years, Susan thought her marriage was over the morning after their last child's wedding. Hal, her husband, said he needed to talk about something important. She knew it couldn’t be good. They rarely even spoke anymore. 


In the beginning they’d been so close, so passionate. Practicing domestic discipline had been a wonderful part of their lives - sometimes. But over the years it had all drifted away, even when Susan asked for what she needed. He would occasionally give her a mild, sexy spanking, but the real discipline she craved was a thing of the past. 


Now, Hal suddenly wanted to talk about moving to Colorado to live in Corbin's Bend, a community where spanking was not only accepted, but encouraged. Could this bring back the closeness and passion they’d once had? Could Susan trust that this time Hal would truly step up?

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  1. I can understand Quincy's desire to help, but she was only making things more uncomfortable, which Jason understood and expressed with a serious expression to Quincy. Fortunately, she caught on and shut her mouth to listen. Seems to me that Jason hadn't taken Quincy in hand for a while, either. Great snippet, PK. Loved it.

    1. Actually, Jason is married to Rose. But all the women of Corbin's Bend can recognize 'the look' when they see it.

  2. Oh goodness, talk about being direct! Thank goodness Jason managed to stop the onslaught! Great snippet PK:)


    1. Thanks, Roz. That would have been very uncomfortable!

  3. Ahhhh I now need to go back to my copy and re read!