Saturday, October 14, 2023

Saturday Spankings - The Penalty for Climbing Trees

Welcome to Saturday Spanking. Today’s snippet is from Cassie’s River Living. Last week we left Cassie stuck up a tree after she tried to help her cat. It took the local fire department to get Cassie down safely, but she still had to deal with Tom, who had arrived home in time to witness the rescue.


Tom took my hand and led me to the bedroom. “Take off your blouse,” he told me. Well, I supposed that was better than my slacks. He carefully washed my neck and arm. That stung, but I knew better than to complain. He bandaged the place on my neck, which did look bad. He frowned as he did it. He does not like seeing bandages on me. To him it’s proof of unladylike activities.

He took my hand again and led me out into the bedroom where he sat on the bed and asked me, “Cassie, would you care to tell me what in heaven’s name possessed you to climb up in that tree?”

I gave him a quick kiss and said, “No, honey, not really. I would rather forget the whole thing. I’m hungry. Let’s go out tonight.” I turned to leave the room, but he grabbed my hand. 

“Uh-uh!” Tom said, holding me firmly. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“I did too!” I said, looking at him sternly. “You asked me if I cared to tell you, and I said no. Now can we go eat?”

All right, I knew it wouldn’t work, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Tom pulled me over his lap and began, once again, to prove that he is a master at the hand spanking. He was making quite an impression.  Yet he still stopped to take my pants down. He didn’t make a move toward the ivory brush and I was grateful. He continued with his hand, but bare bottomed it was stinging like crazy. He finally started talking.

“You know how dangerous that was. Maco could have gotten down by herself or someone would have helped her without you climbing up there after drinking all afternoon with Sue.”

Now that wasn’t fair. We hadn’t ‘been drinking all afternoon’ we had had a glass of wine or two, but I made the mistake of saying this to Tom. Oww! That didn’t lighten his hand one bit.

“I don’t like you drinking at all when I’m not with you and you know it. I haven’t said anything since you haven’t been going out in the car or the boat. I didn’t realize I had to add ‘no ladders or tree climbing’ to your list of don’ts when you and Sue have your afternoon drink.”

Tom is so good at multi-tasking, talking doesn’t slow him. I was beginning to worry that the radiant heat might cause his hand to burst into flame.

“Stop! Please, Tom, that’s enough!” I begged.

Tom paused and rubbed a bit. His voice was softer and more serious when he started talking again. “Cassie, you are not invincible. And you are not thirty anymore. You’re going to keep tempting fate until something happens to you unless I can get your attention somehow.” He proceeded with the spanking, but not quite as hard.

“Stop! I know exactly how old I am,” I insisted. “You have my attention and my promise. I won’t climb any more trees.” I had been a little scared up there, but I didn’t intend to share that information with Tom. “Now let me up.”

Tom helped me to my feet and continued with some aftercare rubbing. I slipped on a skirt and blouse feeling that might have a cooling effect. It didn’t. Tom gave me a hug. “You know I don’t want anything to happen to you, don’t you? You have got to use your common sense. I’m assuming you have some.”

I often wonder how he can think of my rear as being made of cast iron and the rest of me as fine as china, delicate and easily broken. This can be so annoying. He can’t have it both ways. I vowed to work to stay on Tom’s good side for the rest of the summer. As controlling and bossy as Tom can be, I still love him better than life, and he loves me back just as much. 

Cassie and Tom are happily settling into River Living. Cassie hoped that this peaceful setting would be enough to keep her out of trouble. But how can she stay out of trouble with Sue living at the river too? Staying out of trouble proves just too difficult.

Cassie is happy that Tom and Ryan are growing so close, but she is concerned about what relationship advice Tom may be giving him. Overheard conversations and statements from Ryan have her worried. Is Tom sharing his thought on adult spanking with Ryan? It seems so and when Cassie realizes that Allie is hearing these thoughts too, she’s worried. Cassie realizes she is going to have to try to explain things more fully. Can Cassie explain this way of life to eighteen-year-old Allie?

Cassie’s Space series


These ten books introduce Cassie. She is my friend and has been since she wandered into my imagination fifty-four years ago. She is married to Tom, the man who loves her in a way that makes my heart nearly burst with happiness for the two of them. He loves her, guides her, protects her and when necessary, spanks the fool out of her. I’ve been told that their adventures are exciting, funny and realistic. Their love-life is passionate and fulfilling – but you’ll hear no graphic details, Cassie is a lady and giving too much detail would not be proper.

Cal’s Law series


Cal and Jenny are one of my younger couple. The spanking in their relationship began mere minutes after they met, and Cal hasn’t let up much since. There relationship has it’s struggles, but these two are meant to be together. They live in the same town as Cassie and Tom and there is a lot of interactions among the character of both series. Jenny is not as reluctant as Cassie to openly discuss her sex life, so you’ll find a little more spice in this series.


On the River series


In this, my latest series, everyone is around – all the characters I’ve grown to love over the years are living on the area of the river that they call The Landing. Their lives, their adventures, even their spankings sometimes intertwine. By this time in the series, I’m just typing as my characters tell me what’s happening. And I love it!

These books do take you through time as it passes, but please don’t think you have to read them in order. Start anywhere. Just grab one and give it a try. If you are a spanking enthusiast, I know you'll enjoy it.


I’ll close today with a review on the latest book. This is one of the finest reviews I’ve ever had. 


Starting with the first Cassie book until now, I have never been disappointed or failed to wait expectantly for the next one.

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  1. Hi love Cassie's comment at the end, she has a good point lol. Also love how Tom tends to her wounds then blisters her butt lol


    1. Tom loves taking care of everything - in his own way.

  2. Her ending comment says it all. Tom wants Cassie to take of herself, not take chances. Though I can't blame her for wanting to save her crying cat, once again he's right. She didn't have to be the one to attempt the rescue and as it turned out Maco was perfectly able to get down herself. Loved the snippet, PK.

    1. Cassie has great thoughts and ideas but she doesn't always think them through. So glad Tom is there to love and protect.