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Not the Boss of Me, part 1

I’m so glad you came by today! With the latest book, Cassie’s River Living, coming out next Wednesday I want to get everyone ready to read more Cassie. This story isn’t from the book its just a little bonus story to get everyone in the mood. And please remember, you don’t have to read the books in order, so if you think you’re behind – you’re not. Just jump right in with this book.
For this three part story I’m going to give away a Cassie book of your choice – one a day for the three days this story is running – today, Thursday and Friday. Just leave a comment along with your email address and you’re entered to win for that day.

Not the Boss of Me

Not long ago Tom and I were staying in a lovely hotel in Beverly Hills. I planned to meet Sue in the lobby and I was waiting patiently for Tom to walk down with me. As we headed down I grinned at Tom. “You didn’t have to hurry, I would have been happy to have gone on down on my own.”
Tom laughed knowing exactly what trip I was remembering. You see back in the earliest years of our marriage I wasn’t always the sweet, demure and submissive wife that I am today. Occasionally during the first few year of our marriage, I didn’t always listen to Tom as I do these days.
I might have mentioned a time or two that Tom does not like me leaving a hotel room alone and certainly not without letting him know where I’m going. I’ve been aware of this for a long time. And now that I’m fully aware of Tom’s feelings and the consequences that are likely to befall me, I nearly always adhere to this rule. This wasn’t the case at one convention we attended not too long after we were married.
The convention was in Las Vegas, at the time, one of my all time favorite cities. This occurred back when I was quite the gambler, and I was looking forward to some action in the casinos as well as with my dear husband. The morning after we arrived Tom had gone to the hotel gym, when Sue call and ask me to meet her in one of the hospitality suites. As soon as she said they were making Bloody Marys she had my vote and off I went.
I was back at the room in less than an hour but Tom had beaten me back and he was not happy. “Where have you been?” he demanded.
I bristled at his tone, but I tried to answer pleasantly, “I met Sue at the hospitality room. Why?”
“Why? I thought I made it clear last month in LA I don’t like you wandering around a hotel alone. I didn’t know where you were. You should have at least left a note.”
Sigh... my old fashion husband, in some ways he was worse then than now. In Tom’s mind no ‘nice’ woman roamed a hotel alone, was one most staunch beliefs. I hadn’t thought of leaving a note. I knew what he really meant and that was I should have waited and asked his ‘permission’ before going. But answering to anyone, much less asking anyone’s permission to do something was still something I fought tooth and nail. 
I was getting mad. “It’s the 70’s Tom, women can vote and everything.” I answered sarcastically, “I can find my way around a hotel. I’m not a child. Good grief, I went to the hospitality room, you act like I ran off with one of the lounge acts. I’ve made my way around this town for years, day and night, completely on my own. You don’t have to know my whereabouts every blessed second.”
“I know you did Cassie and I know you know it darn near killed you.”
I glared at him. It was a standoff for a minute before Tom continued. “I told you last month I’d spank you if you left a hotel room again without telling me where you were going. I’m not going to have you running all over by yourself.”
“You are not spanking me!” I told him stepping back. I suppose you can guess how far that got me. 
“You may not like it girl, but you have to listen to me. I don’t think you give any thoughts to you safety. It worries me. I don’t want you in a vulnerable situation.” I was trying to pull away, but I was quickly pulled over Tom’s lap and he began spanking hard with his hand. “I didn’t spank you last month, but I told you not to leave the room again without letting me know where you are. I gave you a chance and you messed up.”
“Let me up!” I demanded. “You’re not being fair! You don’t own me. Stop!” This was early in the marriage and I had a lot to learn. The more I snapped at him the harder and faster he spanked. He kept on until I finally shut up. He spanked a bit longer and then finally began rubbing. I was mad, but I was able to swallow it down for the moment.
Tom helped me up and stood to put his arms around me. “I know you’re still mad,” he said soothingly. “But you need to accept the way things are now. You’re just making thing harder on yourself. Now if you’re ready I’ll escort you to the lobby, aren’t the women meeting to go on a tour this morning?”
I was furious. I felt like a child being taken to daycare. But I kept my mouth shut. If fact I didn’t speak a word as we headed to the lobby. As he left Tom leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Cassie Jane, don’t let your temper get you in trouble. Behave yourself.” I swear I nearly decked him on the spot. Instead I turned without comment and went to find Sue in the milling crowd. 
Sue and I skipped the tour. We spent the day in the casino. I spent most of the time venting to Sue and drinking. By late afternoon, full of liquid courage, I was ready to make my stand for independence. After all Tom was not the boss of me.

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