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Not the Boss of Me, part 3

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story from Cassie’s past and I hope it helped you get in the mood for Cassie’s River Living coming out next Wednesday. You can find parts one and two here. I’ve given away a Cassie book a day during this story and today is your last chance to enter into todays drawing by leaving a comment. Yesterday’s winner was Janey! Please come back tomorrow for Saturday Spankings.

Not the Boss of Me
part 3

I didn’t sleep well that night. I kept thinking and thinking. I didn’t want to make Tom mad and I really, really didn’t want another spanking. But I couldn’t go along with what he was saying. I would not spent a day of our convention vacation being forcible confined to my room. Mentally I fought with Tom and myself all night. The solution finally came to me. Tom had to change his mind. I decided to use the age-old method used by women for centuries.
Tom was wakening slowly to my kisses the caress of my hand the next morning. Seducing my husband is something I’ve always done well and I always enjoy it myself. And if I may add, I outdid myself that morning. Our lovemaking was passionate and intense. It took me a few moments to come to my senses. Tom was smiling at me and stroking my face.
“I love you.” He told me. “I can’t imagine a more wonderful way to wake. What did I ever do before I met you?”
Music to my ears! I snuggled up against him and sighed. “I’ve never been happier in my life,” I told him truthfully. I paused and pressed back against him and asked conversationally, “Do you have many meetings today.”
“I do. I’m full up from 9:00 this morning untill 4:00 this afternoon. But it’s a good convention. I like what we’re getting done.”
“It’s been a good one for us girls, too.” I told him. “The speakers have been delightful. I’ve had a ball. There’s going to be a comedian at the luncheon today and then there is a fashion show in the afternoon. I’ll try not to spend too much, but it’s a wonderful designer so keep your check book handy.”
I thought I had been so convincing, so smooth, but he wasn’t fooled for a minute. “You won’t be at the luncheon or the fashion show, girl. I told you, you won’t be leaving the room until dinner time.”
“Tom you can’t mean that. It’s not right, you spanked me for all that yesterday. We just made love, I thought you were over being mad. You’re not being fair!” I was shouting by this time, “You’re nothing but a big bully!” I whirled away from him and jerked even farther away when he reached out to touch me. “Don’t touch me!” I shouted. “Leave me alone!” I was furious.
“Listen to me,” Tom began. “I’m not mad, but your actions have consequence. I told you yesterday that you’re staying in today. I don’t make idle threats. If you hadn’t been so defiant…”
I heard no more as I pulled the pillow tightly over my ears. Tom got up and went to take his shower. I had a fleeting impulse to quickly dress and leave but I was still sore. I didn’t think I could take another spanking. I lay there plotting. I would go to the luncheon at least. Tom would be in meetings and never know. Mentally, I would know I’d taken a stand for freedom, but I wasn’t ready to flaunt it in his face and risk another round with that evil brush.
 I was way too mad to talk to him as he got ready. He kept trying until I jumped from bed and stomped to the bathroom. Slamming the door I shouted, “I’m not listening to you!” I find showers extremely soothing and I planned to stay in until after Tom left.
Probably fifteen minutes later Tom came into the bathroom. I heard him over the shower, “Cassie, I’m going now. Don’t even think of leaving this room today. You’re going to learn I mean what I say.” I was way too angry to speak without saying something I would certainly regret. I remained silent and Tom quietly left.
I stayed in the shower a while longer trying to build up my courage for my escape plan. This was just a token gesture. I had to leave the room for a while, but was lunch the best idea, what if Tom called then? Maybe the fashion show would be better, but what if it ran late or Tom got out of his meeting early? Maybe I should just run down for coffee? I was rapidly driving myself crazy. Nowhere in my wondering did I consider simply listening to Tom and stay in the room.
Stepping out of the shower I was surprised to find only a few small towels with which to dry off, where were the bath towels? I headed to the phone to call housekeeping. As soon as I opened the bathroom door I knew something was wrong. The bed had been stripped. At the foot of the bed was another small towel and with a note on it. The note read:
I felt you needed some encouragement to do as I said. Perhaps this will help.
What was he talking about? I looked for my robe, but it wasn’t on the chair. As I opened the closet door realization was dawning on me. Everything was gone, my clothes, Tom’s clothes, everything. There was not one thing for me to put on, the bed stripped and not even a towel that would go around me. I was a naked captive.
Oh no, I thought to myself, he is not doing this to me. I reached to call housekeeping only to stare stupidly at the phone. The receiver was in my hand but the cord connecting it to the phone was gone. That sneaky, brilliant devil had thought of everything. There was no possible way for me to leave the room. I went into the setting room. There was a room service cart – the normal tablecloth missing, sitting there with several covered trays. I was still simply dumbfounded. Lifting one covered dish I found delicious looking pastries and another note from Tom which read,
As you sit there today, planning my demise, just know I will not be able to keep from thinking of my lovely, totally nude, wife waiting for my return. Our awakening this morning was amazing and I hope we will end our day the same way. I love you, Cassie. I want to spend my life with you. You have had to care for yourself for so long. I know it’s hard for you to let go, but I will keep you safe and loved if you’ll just relax and let me. I’ve told Sue you wanted the day to yourself. She doesn’t believe me and will surely come looking for your body at some point. I’m hoping you'll go along with what I’ve told her.
My love, I’ll be thinking of you all day.
My temper, when given its head, can last way longer that it should. But I’d found that the longer I was married to Tom, the shorter the length of time I could stay mad. I was mad, how dare he leave me like this? But the longer I stood there the more ridiculous the situation seemed. I had to laugh. Score one for Tom, his deviously, brilliant mind had won this battle. The winner of the war was still undecided, but this battle was his.
I was eating my pastries a little later when there was a knock at the door. I was startled and ran back to the bedroom before some maid could walk in on me. I was peeping back out when I heard Sue calling. I came back out to the door.
“Cassie, are you in there? Answer me.”
I did feel trapped then. There was no way I could explain this to Sue. I was overcome with the ridiculousness of my situation. Sue beat on the door shouting louder. I went to the door trying to control my giggling
“Stop yelling,” I laughed as I called to her.
“Cassie, let me in. Are you all right?”
I tried to control my laughter. “I’m fine, go away.”
“Let me in!” she insisted.
“No, I… I’m not dressed.” I gasped out, laughing harder.
“Who gives a shit? Open this door!”
“No, I’m getting in the bath,” I tried to tell her. But I could barely talk I leaned against the door and howled with laughter.
“Are you high? What the hell are you smoking?” Sue sounded truly concerned but it didn’t stop my laughter.
“Sue I’m not high. Just go, will you? I’ll see you tonight.”
“Well then, you must have a man in there, and I just saw Tom so come clean already.”
My laughter was finally winding down. Taking a deep breath I called through the door, “Sue?” I could feel her waiting on the other side of the door. “Just go away, please.”
Banging her hand against the door one last time Sue headed off.
It was actually an interesting day. Back then hotels in Vegas didn’t have TVs in each room. They wanted you in the casino gambling not watching TV. I didn’t even have a book to entertain me. I was alone with my thoughts. In the end I realized what Tom was asking wasn’t a big deal. In the past I had been accosted when alone in hotels, mashers we used to call them. What was wrong with letting Tom escort me where I wanted to go if it matter so much to him? I was through being mad, at least for the time being, and I spent most of the day waiting eagerly for Tom’s return.
It was just before four when Tom came in with an armload of clean bedding and fresh towels. I was standing at the bedroom door watching him silently. He placed everything on the sofa and stood looking at me. Finally he spoke, “So do I have the lady or the tiger?”
I said nothing as I walked past him to grab a sheet. I turned and headed back to the bedroom. Stopping at the door I gave him a meaningful glance before unfurling the sheet onto the bed. Tom told me later that it was the best possible answer to his lady or the tiger question. That day he got both.

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  1. Good gravy...Tom went beyond as far as I'm concerned. He would have gotten the tiger if I had been in that room! :D

    Thanks for sharing PK...great story.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I understand that feeling. But I think at the time she finally saw the humor in her situation. And Tom better be glad she did.

  2. I think Cassie and Tom make a good couple. He can be just as ornery as she can be. Amyee

  3. Gosh, he was a brave man, I half thought she would involve her friend in a daring escape!
    love Jan,xx

    1. He is a brave man. She could have escape with Sue's help, but she didn't. Her choice.

  4. Thank you so much for the present!

    Best outcome all round for Tom and Cassie I think. I was thinking of using the complimentary sewing kit to attach a number of small hand towels together!

  5. Well Cassie surprised me this time. I thought the same as Jan - Sue to the rescue.


    1. Sue would certainly have helped if Cassie had asked her to. But she finally decided to let Tom have his way.

  6. He got both didn't he?? Just in a very sexy way!

  7. Replies
    1. And they have both been testing it ever since.

  8. Tom is a cunning husband.
    I loved the story. Thanks.


  9. Fantastic! Cassie finally understood. I really loved this story.
    I marked the date on my calendar to pick up the new book.

    1. Thanks Sharon! She did finally get it. Of course it's a lesson she have to learn over and over, but Tom is patient.

  10. LOL.....Tom is certainly up to the challenge of Cassie!
    hugs abby

    1. True Abby, good thing the man keep himself fit.

  11. Wow PK, I absolutely loved this story. Thank you :) how clever of Tom ... he knows her so well. Loved the ending!