Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Spanking - September, 6

It’s Saturday again and we’re all back with our eight sentences to try to draw everyone to try our latest work. It’s also the day I start seeing my bank account dwindle as my TBR list grows.

It’s been a wonderful week for me with Cassie’s River Living coming out. Meredith O'Reilly  has invited me to her place tomorrow and I’m going to be over at Patty Devlin on Monday so the excitement for me keeps coming!

This snippet continues the morning after my snippet fromlast week.  Snapping at Tom when he was already so stressed, Cassie received a sound spanking the night before, but Tom doesn’t go easy on her that morning as he addressed her trespassing and being separated from her phone. Receiving her second spanking in less than eight hours Cassie is not a happy camper.

“Tom! Stop, stop! I’m sorry, please stop,” I was begging.
He paused. “Cassie, you know how I feel about you putting yourself in danger and not having your phone.”
“Yes, yes, I know. Let me up.”
“Be still,” Tom said, beginning to rub. “I’m not quite through.”
My head snapped up to look at the dresser – the darn brush wasn’t there which only meant one thing. When had he picked up the horrible thing?
“Tom no, don’t…”
“Do you know the worst thing you did yesterday?”
Good Lord. I didn’t know and I didn’t want to know either.

I hope you'll give Cassie's River Living a try. All the Cassie books 

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Cassie's River Living 

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  1. Un oh, the dreaded brush! "I'm not quite through" ... *shivers* Think Cassie is going to regret that little escapade!


    1. Poor girl, in her mind she really hadn't done anything wrong.

  2. Oh man she's in for the last bit! Ouch!
    Cassie you always get caught!

    1. True, it's a good thing she never turned to a life of crime. The poor woman can't get away with anything.

  3. Cassie never seems to get away with anything. She is her own worst enemy and Tom, well Tom is relentless in his quest to turn Cassie into his idea of what a lady should be. What can you say, better her husband than mine.

    1. I agree, it's better to have a husband who could care less where you go, what you do or say or… wait, that's not exactly what I want either.

  4. What lovely tension you show here. Fabulously done. :)

    1. Thanks S.J. I do love telling Cassie's stories.

  5. Great snippet! I have fallen in love with your series! :-)

    1. Thanks Meredith! I'm pretty fond of Cassie myself!