Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Spanking - Always getting the blame

I missed Saturday Spanking last week and I’m happy to be back. I’m having a hard time believing it’s already December. Even though it’s a busy month I hope some of you will find time to read. You’ll find some great snippets to choose from here.
My snippet is from Cassie’s Road Trip. Cassie has been fussing with Tom about his bossy, overprotective ways. Lily, their housekeeper, comes in and saying, “You have a good day, Mr. Tom, I’ll keep an eye on this rascal for you.”

I turned to give them both my most haughty look, “I think it’s time for both of you to realize I’m not a child to be looked after. If you’ll examine the facts, you’ll see that I’m a good deal over the age of twenty-one and I’m more than tired of the two of you treating me as a child.”
It would have made such a nice little speech, I could have turned and swept from the room with the greatest of dignity, but out of the corner of my eye I saw Lily reach for the remote control for the ceiling fan and my only thought was shit.
“Sweet Jesus!” Lily shouted as the content of two full bags of mini-marshmallows flew through the room as thought fired from a machine gun. Damn my memory. Sue and I had planned this so carefully the night before while the men were tinkering with the boat. It had been quite a trick to get all the little marshmallows to stay on the blades in our haste, but we’d managed. Tom was supposed to be long gone before Lily even got there and she often didn’t turn the fan on until mid-morning. I was planning to be safely at Sue’s long before then.
Both Lily and Tom were staring at me. Why do they always immediately think it’s me?

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  1. LoL PK, love this fun snippet.I wonder why they immediately think it's Cassie :)


  2. It's tough when you have a reputation - you get blamed for everything.

  3. Why indeed? Cassie is adorable.

    Great excerpt!

  4. This was a fun snippet. I have no idea why they always think it's her. LOL!

    1. I suppose some people are always under suspicion - but why poor Cassie?

  5. Anytime there is a Cassie passage, you will get a smile from Ella. Love that character and her author, too.

    Ella Smiling