Wednesday, December 20, 2017

For the curious - questions for Cassie and Tom

I have some wonderful reviews for Cassie's Life. A huge thank you for everyone who has left a review on Amazon or anywhere.

I'm nearing the end of the next Cal's Law book. It's hard to fine writing time in this busy holiday season.

I hope you'll enjoy these questions for Cassie and Tom. And if you have any for any of my characters please ask them in the comments or email me at

Here’s one for Cassie- What if Tom stopped spanking you? Tell us
how you’d react to that/ feel? Do you like being spanked?

If Tom stopped spanking me I’d be devastated. Although he shows me love in many ways every day, spanking is special to both of us. I think if he just stopped I would feel he no longer cared about me. I know I would withdraw, I wouldn’t understand and I suspect I would go into a deep depression. Now if he would like to get rid of the ivory brush, he has my blessings.

I love being spanked for fun. Even though it can hurt like the dickens sometimes, it’s our way of connecting. Now the serious one are different. Certainly, I don’t like them, even when I feel they’re necessary. But as we’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that Tom dislikes them as much as I do. So, when they occur, it’s hard on both of us.

For Tom- Do you ever think about stopping the spankings? What has this kind of relationship done for you and Cassie? Do you enjoy spanking her?

I like our marriage just as it is and that includes spanking. Despite the sting it might cause at times, I know it brings Cassie comfort and a feeling of security. I don’t plan to stop. We’re as close as a married couple can be. Is this because of the spanking? I don’t know, but I believe that’s a part.

Cassie may not believe it, but I hate spanking her when she’s done something dangerous. Sometimes I hate the ivory brush as much as she does. Many things that are necessary aren’t pleasant.

But when we are spanking for fun, I most certainly love spanking my girl. The people that read Cassie’s stories understand this desire. Her trust in me and her willingness to submit, speak to me and I feel that they are a demonstration of her love for me.

I hope you'll come back next Wednesday for more questions and answers.


  1. Best bit of this post, Cal's book is nearly done. Yay!!
    love Jan, xx

  2. I just love these answers! Perhaps they could get rid of the ivory brush since they both dislike it lol. Fantastic news on the new Cal book!


  3. These are wonderful. I agree with Cassie that if my husband stopped spanking, I would think he didn't love me anymore.

    And Tom is correct, there is a feeling of comfort and security to it.


  4. Great answers. I love this little connection to them between books.
    Rosie Dee

  5. "Many things that are necessary aren't pleasant." So true! Love the interview and Cassie & Tom look exactly as I pictured them. Thanks for the bonus extra!