Wednesday, December 27, 2017

For the Curious - Lily and Cassie

The gang is back with more questions and answers. Today Lily and Cassie are on the hot seat. I always love hearing anything from Lily. Cassie's answer today, I believe, is the very core of domestic discipline. I believe it's why Cassie is the joyful, content woman she is.

Questions for Lily:

Can you ever see working for anyone else?

I can’t now. It would break my heart to leave these folks. I’ve worked for so many people in the past, but nothing like this bunch.

You seem to gravitate to the function of caretaker for so many people.  What does loyalty mean to you and how does it apply in the context of the the folks along the river?

Loyalty’s always been part of who I am. I’ve had many jobs in my life and I was loyal to each one. Trouble was, not everybody I worked for was loyal back. Now these folks at the river – law, I ain’t never seen anything like it in my life. If you was to hurt one of ’em I think you’d feel like the wrath of God done come down on you from everyone else out here. I reckon it was God Hisself brought me here. And I give Him thanks for it every day.

Cassie, how do you actually feel about Tom taking charge and spanking you?

You have asked two different questions here. I love Tom being in charge. I’m sure some are laughing now, because I seem to fight it so much. Truth is, his being in charge gives me the security to live my life to the fullest. With sturdy and safe guard rails one can run and leap and dance across a foot bridge, even if it’s over a yawning chasm. Without the guard rails, you would be creeping slowly across the bridge, nearly paralyzed with fear. Tom willingness to take charge gives me my guard rails.

How do I feel about him spanking me? For fun, I think it’s delightful. For discipline, I have given my consent and grudgingly admit to the occasional necessity. During the actual spanking I hate it.

If you have any questions for me or any of my characters I hope you'll ask them is comments or by email. Once we're past the holidays I expect the third in the Cal's Law series will be complete, so don't forget Cal and Jenny.


  1. Loved the analogy that Cassie used to explain the security Tom gives her. The guard rail describes it well. I am betting that, if asked, Tom would say that it was built with love.


    1. I agree. And I know that's certainly the way Cassie feels.

  2. I just love Cassie's answer and analogy too. It really does describe it well.


    1. If only all women could feel they could run and dance across the foot bridge of life.

  3. Cassie speaks for a lot of us. Her answers certainly could have been mine.
    Ooh! A new book!!! Thank you!
    Rosie Dee