Wednesday, December 13, 2017

For the curious - Questions for Allie, Ryan and Cassie

Thanks for dropping by for a few more questions and answers. Today we have some answers for both Allie and Ryan and from Cassie. 

In Cassie's Road Trip, Allie and Ryan had a crisis when Ryan completely lost his temper. Readers had some questions about this. 

Okay, so this one is for Ryan and Allie. Do you think you'll ever decide to pursue dd again or will the relationship stay more on the fun side of things?

Ryan: I really didn’t want to ever spank Allie again after what I did. I felt like shit, excuse the language. The last thing I ever want to do is hurt Allie. But she convinced me that she understood what had happened and she wasn’t scared it would ever happen again. We’ve gone back to fun spankings. Allie does very little wrong, thankfully. She has gotten into a few things lately that I wasn’t happy about. But I’ll never even think of spanking her again when I’m really angry.

Allie: I kinda wondered that myself for a while. He scared me that time, but he scared himself worse. Ryan is such a wonderful man. I know nothing like that will ever happen again. He’s willing now to spank for fun and unlike Cassie, Sue and sometimes Jenny I like to stay out of trouble. So I don’t know if the other kind are in our future or not.

This next question is for Cassie. List three things that your readers do not know about you?

I’ve been around a while, it’s hard to imagine I’d have any secrets left. Let me think…

 I’m an avid collector of Bob Timberlake paintings.

I once had dinner with prince Charles. This was before he married Diana.

With the help of Drew and Allie we have Willow nearly perfectly trained to a variety of hand signals. I’ve never told Tom and he thinks she is a genius dog who reads minds.

Enough about me, did you know that Sue's left handed?


It's my hope that these questions each Wednesday will help those that like my characters feel that they know them better. And for those who haven't read any, maybe the questions will peek their interest and they'll try one. If you have any questions please email me at or leave them in a comment.


  1. I enjoyed reading these answers. Fun facts about Cassie...Prince Charles eh! Love Ryan's answer.


  2. I think Allie and Ryan have it sorted now, lots of fun and good behaviour, Hoping Cassie doesn't lead her astray....
    love Jan, xx

    1. Would Cassie do a thing like that? I think that incident upset everyone at the river.

  3. This little chat with Cassie makes me think I would like to have a happy hour with that woman. No wine for me, but I will be quite fine with a good draft beer.


    1. I have Cassie's permission for you to come to the river and join the gang any afternoon. Just text me your favorite beer and they'll have it on ice for you!

  4. Thanks for the Ryan and Allie question. I wondered the same thing. Their answers were excellent. I'm glad that they are doing so well, though it might be good to see how Ryan reacts if she does something serious again. Tom made the same mistake a couple times too but he and Cassie obviously have done just fine through the years.
    Rosie Dee

  5. Thanks for the answers...really enjoyed learning the fun facts about Cassie. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. You know she loves being the center of attention so she loves questions.