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BJ Wane - Logan

 Logan, Murder on Magnolia Island, Book One
 BJ Wane
RELEASE DATE:  May 1, 2017
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She’s the girl next door he’s always protected.  He’s the man she’s always wanted.  Will the threat of a killer finally get them on the same page?

I'm happy to have BJ Wane here today with her new book. Just reading the blurb makes me sure this book will live up to the idea of 'thriller' and I'm ready to read.
Logan Lemaster drew Melanie Barnes under his protective wing the moment he rescued her from a fall off her bike. She had been six and he thirteen and his over protectiveness didn’t abate over the next twenty years. When a good friend ends up murdered on the family’s private island following one of his and his cousins BDSM weekend parties, Melanie insists on being there to comfort Logan. Only, he hadn’t counted on the grown woman’s tenacious determination to worm her way past his defenses and into his bed. Having spent the past eight years, since Melanie reached adulthood and made her interest in expanding on their friendship known, he’d refused to jeopardize their special bond by introducing her to his kinky preferences. But he was only human, and when her grief over an assault on a co-worker sends him to comfort her, his good intentions fall to the wayside under her responsive body. As he and his cousins plan to hold another BDSM party to feel out their friends for hints about which one had betrayed them in the worst way, he tutors Melanie in his sexual preferences so she can join him. But as they grow closer, so does the killer, and when her life is threatened, Logan knew he would stop at nothing to protect her and make her his in every way.
DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, BDSM, including explicit sexual scenes and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

An elderly, short man flipped the curtain back and looked up at him, but Logan only had eyes for Melanie’s small, huddled form lying on the narrow hospital bed.  Looking at the cloud of disheveled, black hair framing her white as a ghost face, round as saucers, tear-filled blue eyes and the vivid swelling of the left side of her face, his anger returned with gut clenching force.  Sidling around the portly doctor, he stepped to the side of the bed, lowered the rail and bent to kiss her nose.
“Got yourself into another scrape, I see.”  He breathed a sigh of relief when the tears hovering on her lashes dried up and humor lit her face.
“Here to rescue me again, I see.”
“As always.  Where’re you hurt?”
Melanie wanted to say nowhere now that he was there, giving her that familiar look of exasperated fondness underscored with concern.  The attack, brief as it was, left her shaken with vulnerability, the impotent sense of violation difficult to shrug off in her usual, offhand manner.  Aches and pains were making themselves known, surprising her with how many places now throbbed.
“A little everywhere, but I’m fine, ready to get out of here and go home.”  For the first time that Melanie could remember, Logan bore a look on his face she didn’t want to tempt pushing.  She had never seen him so angry, but she wasn’t afraid for herself, more like worried over what he might do to retaliate on her behalf.  The last thing she wanted was for him to land in jail alongside her attacker.  Laying her hand over his braced on the propped-up pillow as he leaned over her, she urged, “Take me home, Logan.  Please.”
The slight trembling of Melanie’s fingers against the back of his hand sealed his decision to take her home with him even though Logan knew the torment of having her close twenty/four seven would test his resolve in a way it had never been tested before.  “You’re coming home with me.  You don’t need to be alone right now and with your parents out of town it only makes sense to come stay with me for a few days.”
“Okay.”  The surprise on his face drew a chuckle from her.  “What?  Did you expect me to argue?”  Really, did he not know that with him was where she’d wanted to be for years?
Not trusting her easy compliance after the past weeks of silence, he had to warn her, “No repeats of the last time I saw you.”

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  1. Hi PK and BJ, ooh, this definitely has me intrigued. Loved the blurb and enjoyed the excerpt.