Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Spankings - Explaining dd

Welcome to Saturday Spanking and Happy Mother’s Day too. I’m still riding a high from the release of Becoming Family last week! A new book out is always fun!
In today’s snippet Cal tries to explain to Jenny how he feels about domestic discipline, a completely foreign concept to her.

“Well, I did read in an article once where someone listed as the four D’s of domestic discipline – disobedience, disrespect, dishonesty, danger. I guess my thought are loosely based on those. As to that first one. If I barked at you to get me a beer while I’m sitting watching a ball game, I have a feeling you’d tell me to kiss your pretty little ass. And you’d be right. I’ll never boss you around to see you jump. But if I told you to stay in one night because I felt there was going to be trouble in town, I’d expect you to do as I said. See the difference?”
“Okay, I’ll buy that – especially telling you to kiss my ass at times,” she told him grinning.

Against overwhelming odds, Jenny and Cal are together and happy. Their love is strong, but before they can become family Jenny needs to learn what that word means. Jenny has no background in the real meaning of "family" but when Cal wants her to meet his and get to know hers, she knows the time has come. The difference in the two families is wide and jarring. Jenny has a lot to learn, but then so does Cal. When he meets her family, he discovers that the word family doesn't always mean the same thing to all people.

Jenny’s mother has planned a future for her daughter that does not include someone as ordinary as Cal Bennet. What could this small-town hick with no money and no connections do for her? How far will her mother go to see that Jenny accepts a life of high society and prestige? Will these two lovers come to an understanding of what their family will look like?

You can find Becoming Family at:
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  1. Great snippet PK, love how Cal explains disobedience and love Jenny's reply lol. Can't wait to get to reading this :)


  2. Am loving reading this book all over again, PK. The characters are rich and developed. Thanks for all the effort and love you put into your stories.

    Hugs From Ella

  3. Okay, I'm buying in, too!! Nice snippet, PK, and congrats on the new release! :)

  4. He seems fair and she seems cute. Love this snippet!

  5. I love Jenny! Well done, PK, with these well-developed, charming characters.

    1. Thanks Libby, I want my characters to be like the people you could meet in real life.

  6. Very nice snippet and a good read. Visitors, I urge you to go click that button. You won't be sorry.

  7. Kudos to you, PK. Love his explanation of DD, and her response is perfect. Well done, and congratulations on your new release.

    1. That's the kind of dd I like and the kind I think could work in real life.

  8. Oh, he's found a sassy one there! I like her already :D! Great snippet!

    1. I think Jenny's going to be a lot of fun!

  9. Ooh, this is intriguing. Well done!

    1. Thanks Lucy, I love seeing a dd relationship from the beginning.