Wednesday, October 18, 2017

For the curious - questions for Cassie and Sue

Today's questions are for both Cassie and Sue - best friend for more than fifty years. When Cassie once said that Tom was the first person to ever love her Sue corrected her saying, "No, Annie and I were first." 

Next Wednesday we'll hear from Tom.

Questions for Cassie and Sue:

Remind me Cassie, I know you and Sue have been friends for ever, how did you meet and Sue, what was the first impression you had of Cassie?

Cassie: I met Sue about six months after I married my first husband. We were at a party given by Steve’s company. My husband was there as an investor, which was all he was good for. He didn't have enough brains to have found his way out of a phone booth.

I was scared. I was always scared during that marriage. Terrified I’d do or say something that would cause him to fly into a rage when we got home. Somehow Sue sensed this and without words I knew by the look in her eyes that she understood me and would be there for me. It was true then and it still is.

Sue: I thought Cassie was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I had been watching her for a while before we were introduced. She smiled and said all the right things but something in her eyes caught me. I could tell something was wrong and that she was so scared. Being around her husband left little doubt what, or rather who, she was frightened of. Thankfully the little jerk wanted to be around Steve and buddy up to him. We, Cassie and I, could spend time together and the friendship blossomed quickly. 

Do you wish you'd started your spanking relationship with Steve any sooner?

Sue: Hell, no! I’m about to call a halt to this shit as it is. Well, not really, I guess. But to your question, no, we began at the right time. It had to be my choice. If Steve had forced it when we were younger, it wouldn’t have worked and I’d have left. We had to mature into who we are now for it to have worked.

I have a question for Sue. How do you feel about Tom's spanky ways rubbing off on Steve?

Sue: They didn’t really. I mean, I think Tom tried to talk Steve into it from the beginning but Steve never took the bait. I was the one who pulled the trigger, so to speak. I purchased and brought home that damn leather paddle – only because Cassie managed to make spanking sound sexy.  But once we began that, a little realism began to creep in and occasionally he would spank me for some things that really upset him. By then I’d begun to enjoy the closeness that had come about in our marriage and it all grew from there. 

And for both Cassie and Sue, has your friendship changed since you both became spanked wives? Has it brought you closer?

Cassie: I’m not sure anything could have really brought us any closer than we were. But I can let go and complain about a particular spanking when I want to now. Before Sue would just get so angry it was better to hold my tongue. Now she has seen for herself that spanking can bring a couple closer. 

Sue: Yeah, maybe. Before I just thought she was nuts. I had no idea why she put up with his spanking shit. We didn’t discuss it in the old days. I understand more now. I can ever see some benefits. But I still think Tom is too hard on Cassie sometimes.

I appreciate all the questions I've gotten so far, but there is one question that has never been asked and I’m always expecting it. If I were just a reader, I feel it would cross my mind to ask. I’ve decided to have a contest. The first person to ask that particular question, in comment or by email, will get a free copy of Cassie’s new book. I won’t have Price Waterhouse checking behind me, you’ll just have to trust me. The first time I see the question that person will be the winner. It you leave that certain question in comment, be sure to include your email address if I don’t already have it.

If you have any questions, for the character in either of the series, Cassie's Space or Cal's Law or me, for that matter, you can leave them in the comments or email me at  And please come back next Wednesday for more questions and answers.

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  1. Hi PK, I'm really enjoying these questions and answers and gaining more insight into the characters.

    Cassie and Sue, thank you so much for answering. You have such a wonderful friendship :)


  2. Enjoying these questions. Thanks both for answering.

    Cassie, how do you actually feel about Tom taking charge and spanking you?


  3. It’s good hearing from the characters. I’d like to ask Tom if he’s ever considered that if he were less controlling, Cassie wouldn’t get into so much trouble. It must be hard not to chafe against such a tight rein.
    (I may have asked something similar before, don’t remember).
    Rosie xx

  4. I have often wondered how Tom began his journey into spanking.

    1. I love the question. I'll have his answer up soon.

  5. Looking forward to reading more about these characters.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  6. Question for Tom -
    Did you ever love another woman before you met Cassie?

    Ella Wants To Know