Saturday, July 28, 2018

Fantasy Friday - denial

I’m happy to be back for Saturday Spankings. Summer does stay busy. I’m sticking with my latest book, Educating Jenny, for today’s snippet. I’ve missed the past couple of weeks so I’m cheating by going over a little.
Cal was unhappy to find Jenny using her BOB (battery operated boyfriend) but they began to make up over a spanking. However, when Cal once again interrupts an orgasm Jenny has had enough!

“Is the spanking over?” she asked quietly.
“It is, honey,” he told her.
“Good, now I can tell you what a son-of-a-bitch you are!” she shouted. She smacked him on the chest, he sat rock solid. All she had done was hurt her hand and that only compounded her anger. “You’ve ruined two perfectly good orgasms today and spanked my ass for no good reason. You’re an asshole and you can just go back home for all I care. You want any, you’ll have to take care of yourself because you’re not touching me!”
Jenny turned to storm from the room when Cal grabbed her from behind. “I’m not getting any?” he questioned, laughing.
His humor at the situation was only feeding Jenny’s fury. Cal tossed her lightly on the bed and standing between her and the door he took off his shirt. “I guess I really messed up. I sure do want to be loving my wife right now, however, a gentleman never forces a lady.” Cal continued undressing. Jenny felt her sex pulse as she saw his erection.
“I’ve been such a jerk, I guess I should give you permission to bring old Bob out while I just take a nap.” Cal lay on the bed beside Jenny as she continued to watch him in anger.
Jenny swallowed hard. Cal’s erection looked like a flagpole as he lay back on the bed, his hands behind his head. She was still mad, but she’d be damned if she’d let that go to waste.
Suddenly she was on him like a cat on prey. He’d never had a blowjob like this. He felt like she could nearly lift him off the bed with suction alone. Suddenly Jenny sat up. “Maybe I’ll just take a nap now!” Cal’s eyes widened in surprise as he realized he’d totally lost control of the situation.

Cal’s young wife, Jenny, just wants to play house with her gorgeous, dominant husband, Sheriff Cal Bennett of Beaufort County.   Cal wants her to complete one more year of college before choosing a path.  Although Jenny is tired of school, she bends to her husband’s wishes and goes off to classes in a nearby city.  On their precious days together, Cal educates his beautiful girl to the idea of sexual fantasies and bedroom toys, and here, Jenny is an eager student!

She is applying herself to her classes and showing Cal she can be responsible when, suddenly, Jenny finds herself being stalked by a mysterious police officer who views every move she makes as criminal. Everyone she cares about knows that what ensues is not Jenny’s doing, but she can’t keep herself from giving in to some sweet revenge. Her plan starts out as a silly college girl prank, but soon lands her on the wrong side of Cal’s law.  

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  1. Ha! Ha, good one Jenny! LOVE it! Sometimes there are CONSEQUENCES to actions! Loved this PK!

  2. Good for her! There are some things a guy simply shouldn't mess with and a woman's pleasure is one of them.

  3. Some of my favorite parts of this book have to do with Jenny's education in the bedroom. She is graduating magna cum laude.

    Hugs From Ella