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Ashe Barker - The Master

“It’s just you and me. And the business end of a paddle, obviously.”

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Teaser Snippets

“You like that?” groaned Dylan and pinched again. “You like a bit of pain while you’re being fucked?”

It hadn’t escaped Dylan’s notice that his star pupil was fucking gorgeous. He was male, after all, and he had a pulse. How could he fail to appreciate that curvy, sexy little body, so supple, exquisitely toned, and supremely fit?

 “But he spanked you. I may not be an expert in taekwondo, but I’m pretty sure it’s not normal practice for a coach to spank his pupil.”

“Maybe we can salvage something from this. You want a spanking, I want to teach you the consequences of disregarding my rules. Ergo…”

“There was a connection between us, you know? I’m sure he felt it too. I know his cock did. You should have seen the bulge in his trousers.”
“It’s just you and me. And the business end of a paddle, obviously.”

Her ass burned like it had been whipped with fire.
“You accept my right to do this, as your master, in the dojang and out of it. I have the right to discipline you. Agreed?”

“Your ass looks beautiful with my marks on it.”
“It’s heavier than a belt, stiffer. And it’s designed for this purpose. The tawse was the favoured instrument of correction for hundreds of years north of the border.” He allowed his lips to curl in a half smile. “Those Scots knew a thing or two about discipline.”
She’d asked herself before which was the lesser of two evils, but there was no lesser option. Either of the two evils would ultimately destroy her.

A decent beating had a way of scrambling a submissive’s responses so that pain and pleasure became mixed together. Dylan had no desire to disentangle them.

“Think of the ginger, Jodie. Do. Not. Come.”

“It’s your moods that have got you into this situation. Tonight, your ass pays the price for it.” He lowered himself until they were nose to nose. “It won’t be fun, and you can leave your pissy attitude at the door. Do not expect to enjoy yourself this evening.”

He was trying to be her dom and her coach, and he was starting to fear that he was failing at both.

I own you, Jodie Price, and don’t you forget it.
She had lost the one thing that had been saving her from hitting the depths of despair.
When I fuck you, Jodie, it won’t be here. You will be tied to my bed, helpless and begging for mercy

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After her long-time taekwondo instructor passes away suddenly, Jodie Price is certain her dreams of Olympic glory have been dashed, and she is thrilled when bold, handsome coach Dylan Atkins offers his help. But Dylan’s training regimen will be more rigorous than anything Jodie has experienced before, and she quickly discovers that he is a firm believer in strict discipline.

When she is caught drinking in defiance of Dylan’s rules, Jodie soon finds herself sobbing and promising to do better as she is thoroughly paddled. Dylan’s stern correction arouses her deeply, however, and it isn’t long before he takes her in his arms and masters her completely. But though his skilled, dominant lovemaking leaves her utterly spent and satisfied, will Jodie trust him enough to tell him the truth when a powerful sponsor tries to use their romance to blackmail her?

Publisher’s Note: The Master includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Author Synopsis

Life can’t get any better, can it?

Jodie Price has landed a hot new taekwondo coach and the offer of sponsorship to get her to the Tokyo Olympics. She needs to be at peak physical fitness for the qualifying championships so she’s more than willing to promise there’ll be no more drinking or partying until after the selection is over. But she can’t resist one last fling before the work starts in earnest. After all, one night at her favourite BDSM club won’t do any harm…

But she hadn’t bargained on her sexy new coach being a dom, and when she literally bumps into Dylan Atkins at the club he’s determined to show her that he’s her master, in the dungeon as well as in the dojang. A hard spanking settles the matter.

Jodie and Dylan agree to put their relationship on hold and concentrate on their sport, but they can’t keep their hands off each other. It’s not long before Jodie ends up in his bed with her ass burning from another punishment. Their relationship deepens, and Jodie’s life seems perfect as she sets her sights firmly on making it to Tokyo with Team GB.

But when she discovers that the very person she thought of as her saviour is out to destroy her career with blackmail and threats she doesn’t know where to turn. Worse, the repercussions are affecting her relationship with Dylan. Suddenly, she has a lot more to lose than just her dreams of Olympic gold.

The party was already in full swing when Jodie and Sally arrived later that evening. Hot, glistening bodies moved sensually to the thumping electro music on the dance floor while groups of friends caught up at the bar. The delicious echo of slaps coming from the play area at the other end was a welcome reminder that this was no ordinary party. The club hosted these events every month. They were exclusive to the members, which meant the atmosphere was friendlier than it was on a regular club night.
“I love your dress,” shouted Sally. “It fits like a glove.”
“It should do. It took bloody ages to get into.” Jodie laughed as she thought back to the unglamorous tracksuit she had been wearing earlier. If only Dylan could see her now. She nodded toward the bar. “Fancy a drink?”
“I’ll have a bottle of beer, please. Are you drinking?”
“Yeah, but I’ll only have the one. I’m a would-be Olympic athlete now, you know,” Jodie said with a wink.
With their bottles of beer in hand, they headed toward the play area to check if there were any interesting scenes worth watching. They stopped near a spanking bench where a woman was being flogged by her dom. They were near enough to hear the woman’s gasps, but not so close they couldn’t talk quietly.
“Cheers,” said Sally, holding up her beer bottle. “Good luck with the meeting on Monday.”
“Thanks.” Jodie clinked her bottle against Sally’s and took a long drink of the deliciously cold beer. She would damn well savour this as it would be her last drop of alcohol until the Olympics were over. But, as she raised the bottle to her lips again, someone bumped into her from behind, knocking the bottle from her mouth and spilling half the contents over her chest and dress.
“I’m so sorry,” said a male voice. “Are you okay?”
Not wanting to make a fuss, Jodie turned around to reassure the guy that she was absolutely fine and there was no harm done, but froze as she came face to face with Dylan. Stunned, she stared at him as she tried to work out what the hell he was doing there. Was he a dom? He certainly looked like it with his leather trousers, black t-shirt, and Doc Marten boots.
“Hello,” she said, when she was eventually able to speak again. “I never expected to see you here.”
“Clearly not.”
Jodie grinned up at Dylan expecting him to smile back, but instead he was frowning. In fact, he looked seriously pissed off. And then the penny dropped. In her excitement at seeing her sexy taekwondo coach, she had completely forgotten that only a few hours earlier she had promised him there would be no nights out and no alcohol. She glanced down at the half-empty bottle of beer in her hand then back up at Dylan’s furious glare. Oh, shit!

About Ashe Barker
USA Today Bestselling author Ashe Barker writes erotic romance and spanking romance in a variety of genres including contemporary, BDSM, paranormal, historical. ménage, gay romance and time travel. She is a #1 Amazon Bestseller and all her stories feature hot alpha males and sassy submissives, often with a lot to learn. Kink abounds, and there’s enough dirty talk to satisfy the most demanding smut lover. However dark and dirty the setting, love always emerges triumphant, and her stories never fail to deliver a satisfying happy ever after.

About Katy Swann

Katy lives in Kent, UK with her husband, three children and three cats. She writes erotic BDSM romance with a strong emphasis on Dominance and submission. Katy explores both the emotional and sexual elements of D/s, with Doms that are firm but caring and submissives that are strong and feisty. 

She loves the 4 C’s: cats, chocolate, champagne and coffee. When she’s not writing she spends her time as a glorified taxi driver for her children and even finds time now and then to indulge in her interests, which include Tai Chi, dance, music, aviation and reading. 

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  2. Yes, indeed, this story has a wonderful new slant for the plot line. I may need to step away from the cowboy stories and try something new. However, Cassie stories never get old for me. :)

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