Saturday, March 23, 2019

Saturday Spanking - Could this be you?

Welcome! I hope you’ve come to fill your Kindle. Spring is here – maybe you have time for a quick vacation and you’re going to need something to read. I hope you’ll give Returning to Us a try. I put a lot of myself in this book and I really think many will be able to relate to Susan's feelings. 
In today’s snippet Susan sits down to talk with Quincy, her mentor in Corbin’s Bend. Susan had been trying to avoid the talk. She had fallen back to her old ways of closing in on herself and hiding her true feelings. She knows Quincy won't let her get away with that.

“Nothing’s wrong. Hal’s very happy. He’s…”
“I didn’t ask about Hal. I asked about you.”
It wasn’t going to work. She wasn’t going to be able to hold the tears back.
“Hal is happy. Corbin’s Bend is wonderful. It’s full of spankos, fun for all. It’s fucking awesome!” Susan concluded, bursting into tears.
Quincy said nothing. She reached for a box of tissues and placed it on the table and let Susan cry.
Finally, Susan spoke again. “I wish we’d never come here. I thought he’d stick to it with all these spanking role models. But it’s just the same, except now everyone else has what I want. It’s worse than being alone with my needs.”
“Has Hal stopped spanking?”
“Oh no, he spanks every time he wants sex.”
Quincy said nothing, letting the words hang in the air.
“You know the outside world would view us all as odd balls, Quincy. And now I feel like the odd ball within the group. Most women here would love what I have. I only get spanked for fun or for sex. Who wouldn’t love that?” Susan snapped.
“You,” Quincy answered.

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  1. This snippet really shows Susan's hurt and anger. It's one of the reasons this character was so well developed. It's always fun to examine just a small excerpt like this.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. Thanks Ella, I agree. Taking out a slice and looking closely can be interesting.

  2. I feel for Susan, but I'd be one of those who would love a relationship like that. Unfortunately, she needs to be taken to task for her mistakes in the "good old-fashioned way," and Hal hasn't got the message, yet. Great snippet, PK

    1. It does sound like a lovely way of life, but Susan does need more.

  3. Wonderful snippet PK and I think many of us can relate. I love the responses from Quincy, especially the last one. Hmm, I wonder if the other women in CB would really want what Susan has?


  4. I'm sure some would, but I bet there are many who need this lifestyle to be more all inclusive.