Saturday, March 9, 2019

Saturday Spankings - Doesn't it hurt?

Happy Saturday Spanking everyone! I hope everyone is reading and has come by for some good suggestions. There are new stories from Cassie up on her site, Cassie’s Space, if you’re interested. She’d love to have you drop by. As for me, I’m posting a snippet today from Returning to Us.
Susan and Venia are talking with a woman they met at a writers’ gathering. She wants to know more about real life in a spanking relationship.

“But…but doesn’t it hurt?” Megan finally managed to say, in a small voice. 
Susan and Venia laughed together. “Do spankings hurt? Good grief, yes! And they can also feel wonderful – and that can be the very same spanking!” Venia confirmed.
“Don’t you get mad?” Megan wanted to know.
“No, I really don’t,” Venia told her. “Like I said, most of my spankings are for fun. When I’ve done something that really upsets Jeffery, I feel guilty and I’m more sorry than angry.”
“I sometimes get angry,” Susan admitted. “Since we’re just now getting back into it, there are days when I don’t feel very submissive and so I can get mad, but it doesn’t last long. Like Venia, sometime I realize I’m madder at myself than Hal.”
Megan sat up straighter, as if something Susan said had struck a nerve. “That’s what I wonder about too! Submission! I’m forty years old, I’m raising two daughters and I want them to be strong and independent. I can’t do that and turn into a doormat.”
Venia grinned, “Do I seem like a doormat to you?”
Megan looked at Venia and finally smiled. “No, not in any way. That’s why I’m confused. You’re not a meek, timid person. So I can’t picture you letting your husband spank you.”
“I’m not sure you could find a meek or timid woman in all of Corbin’s Bend. I think it’s our very strength that allows us to accept, to crave, this lifestyle. We can take on the world. But there is such comfort in knowing that there is someone who is strong enough to catch us when we need to fall into their arms.”

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  1. Wonderful snippet PK,I love how Venia and Susan explain it and particularly love the last paragraph :)


  2. It's comforting to know there's someone in your life who isn't afraid to hold you accountable for your mistakes and is strong enough for you to lean on when you need support. Great snippet, PK.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! Not all women know this, but many of us do.

  3. Hey PK, I think you really captured the fact that there are extremely few doormats in this lifestyle. Quite the opposite, I think.

    1. I really believe it takes strength to ask for this. Someone unsure of their own self-worth, would never ask for it.

  4. I like that Susan is learning new stuff and that there are people in the book at all different stages of TTWD. I do hope there's a story from Megan someday...
    Rosie Dee