Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday Spankings - What hurts the most?

Welcome back for another Saturday Spanking. My reading suggestion for today, Returning to Us, is one that I think many women who want a domestic discipline relationship will truly understand. It’s hard to articulate what we want and many men just never seem to ‘get it.’
In this snippet Susan came home hours late, and although she thought she’d sent a message to Hal, he’d never received it. While she worries about the spanking she has coming, she does feel she deserves it.

Susan shook her head at her conflicted feelings. She always thought she wanted strict discipline from Hal. Yet now, facing a serious spanking, she wanted to get out of it. But did she really? She hoped he wouldn’t use the old black brush. That thing really hurt. Maybe he’d just use his hand. That was always best. Susan took a deep breath, then joined Hal in the bedroom.
He was down to his boxers and gave her a quick kiss as he went in to brush his teeth. She sat on the edge of the bed in her night gown. Hal returned, crawling into his side of the bed. 
Susan looked at him, puzzled. “I thought you were going to spank me,” she told him hesitantly, as she stood up.
Hal pulled back her side of the bed. “You come help me get warm,” he told her. “I’m not going to spank you. Today was mostly Venia’s fault and I did tell you my phone wasn’t working right. I want you to be careful though. From now on, you tell me exactly where you are and when you’ll get back, understand? But you didn’t do anything really wrong today.”
Susan got into the bed and Hal pulled her close. “I’m just glad you got back safely,” he told her as he nuzzled her neck. Susan reached down and patted his thigh. But Venia’s words kept repeating themselves in her mind. ‘The pain of a spanking is nothing compared to the feelings I had when there was no one who cared enough to take me in hand. I’d gladly take a sore bottom any day to that constant pain.’

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  1. This is a great snippet PK. Sounds like Hal took all circumstances into account and I love Venia's words.


  2. That's a conundrum. Hal was willing to give Susan a pass due to circumstances beyond her control, and though a part of her is relieved for his understanding, it does nothing to relieve her feelings of guilt. Personally, I'd be grateful and go right to snuggling, but I can understand if Susan is feeling cheated of a punishment she thinks she deserves and needs. It may take awhile, but Hal will eventually be able to read Susan's subtle clues and talk with her before he gives her passes. That's why communication is so key. Great snippet, PK.

    1. Communication - how important and sometimes how difficult. I know I'd want it both ways. I would want to be held accountable and I would want to be off the hook. Even internal communication with yourself can be tough!