Saturday, June 15, 2019

Saturday Spanking - When frustrations boil over

We’re back for another Saturday Spanking. Today’s snippet is from my latest book, Returning to Us, in the Corbin’s Bend series. I explored a lot of different feelings in this book. Susan wants a domestic discipline relationship, Hal says he wants the same thing. But Hal seems to always let things slide making Susan feel hurt and frustrated.
At a party Susan drinks a little more than usual and curses loudly in front of the other guests. Hal chooses that incident to call Susan down and all her hurt and frustrations come out at once.

“What did you say to me? What did you say to me? How dare you! How dare you tell me to settle down? How dare you tell me anything?” All three in the kitchen stepped back at the anger and venom in Susan’s voice. 
“I’ve spent years asking, begging, pleading for a true DD relationship, but you’ve made it loud and clear you want nothing to do with the real thing. And now you think you can tell me …” Susan stopped to take a ragged breath before plunging on again.
“I’ve wanted to listen to you, lean on you. I wanted to explore my submissive side – I’ve wanted that all my life. But you’ve made it clear you aren’t interested. All I’ve gotten from you was that the real thing was too damn much trouble and you’re not going to bother.” 
Susan’s voice was breaking now and sobs interrupted her tirade. “I didn’t accept that for years… I kept talking, emailing… begging… we even came here!” Susan turned away and grabbed a dishtowel. She cried into it trying to get her breath. 
Turning back, her face contorted with rage. She finished with, “You don’t want the real thing, so you fucking well can’t tell me what to do now!”

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  1. Great snippet PK. I can understand Susan's anger. I have a funny feeling she is about to discover Hal does want the real thing!


    1. I definitely understand her. This book was very personal to me.

  2. There's a part of me that's saying "You tell him, girl," but I suspect this is a wake up call for Hal and he will finally adjust his actions to support his words. Great snippet.

  3. This was such a powerful outburst from Susan. Really the climax of all the hurt she had suffered from Hal rejecting that kind of relationship. It was awful and wonderful at the same time.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. I'm glad it felt that way. I think the feeling are very real for many.