Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday Spankings - Completely truthful

Welcome! I’m enjoying Saturday Spankings these days as I bounce from book to book. I’m back in my Cassie’s Space series now, book four – Cassie’s River Living. I hope you’ll check out all my books The Cassie series as well as my Cal’s Law series and my contribution to the Corbin’s Bend series.

In today’s snippet, Cassie has been busy and has come home several evening exhausted and ill tempered. Tom decides, after overhearing her muttering ‘Kiss my ass.’ one morning that it’s time for an attitude adjustment and puts Cassie over his knee for a firm spanking. He also tells her she is not to leave the house for the day. She is to stay home and rest. Cassie’s not happy with the restrictions.

Tom let me up and held me as I snubbed. I finally ventured, “I have to tell Sue something, she’s expecting me to go with her. You know she’ll come up here.”
“That won’t be a problem,” he said dryly, taking out his phone to call Sue. 
“Don’t tell her you won’t let me, please. Just tell her I don’t feel well or something.” Sue knows I get spanked. She’s known for decades and she was present at my one and only public spanking all those years ago. In fact, Sue occasionally gets her rump roasted these days. But I still didn’t want to advertise the fact that I’d just been spanked and had been essentially grounded by my husband.
I had little hope he’d listen. Tom’s a stickler for the truth. But when Sue answered, I heard Tom say, “Sue, I’m afraid Cassie won’t be joining you today, she’s not feeling well.” I was slightly surprised that he was going along with my request when he went on, “She has a raging fever where she sits. I don’t want you coming up or talking with her today or I’ll see to it that it’s contagious.” Even though I was annoyed at him, I couldn’t help laughing in my head. Tom is so Tom and I do love him to death.

Cassie Space series:

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  1. LoL PK, gotta love Tom. I do wonder if the girls will behave though. I wouldn't guarantee it lol


    1. You never know what Cassie and Sue will get into!j

  2. I have always thought that was such a cute comment about Tom by Cassie. "Tom is so Tom...."

    Hugs From Ella

  3. Love this. Great snippet, PK. Especially Tom's threat that he'll make sure Cassie's raging fever where she sits is contagious. If I were Sue, I'd heed that threat.

    1. He's threatened this more than once and he can usually follow through.

  4. Such a great line! Still smiling! Tom’s one of my favs! He loves Cassie for sure!

    1. Oh he does and she loves him right back!

  5. “She has a raging fever where she sits. I don’t want you coming up or talking with her today or I’ll see to it that it’s contagious.” Brilliant !

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    Best regards Brigitte