Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday Spankings - Tom always knows

Welcome to Saturday Spankings – here’s hoping all your reading will be as hot as the weather. I’m going through my books trying to give a few snippets from each. Today I’m in Cassie’s River Living, the forth book in the Cassie’s Space series.
Cassie is enjoying one of Tom pre-bedtime spankings, something they both enjoy just for fun, when Tom steps it up a notch. 

He finally stopped to rub, only to start up again quite a bit harder. I was trying to squirm off his lap protesting. “What’s that for?” I demanded.
“This,” he told me with an especially hard swat, “is for stopping at Sue’s when you should have stayed with the children on their bike ride.”
“You let me up!” I demanded angrily. “How dare Ryan! He had no reason to go tattling to you.”
Tom laughed harder as he continued to swat. “Ryan didn’t say a word about it. I knew that was what you were going to do and you just confirmed it. When will you learn? I can nearly always tell what you’re planning with one look. Don’t you know you can never pull something over on me?”
Tom is the most exasperating man. If I didn’t love him better than life, he would be downright annoying. His administering had left me stinging and miffed at him for being a know-it-all. But soon I was cradled in his arms with my warm bottom pressed against him, my favorite sleeping position.
I lay safe and snug in his arms and thought about what he had said, ‘Don’t you know you can never pull something over on me?’ Heaven help me, but that did sound like a challenge.

Cassie Space series:

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  1. Great snippet PK, love the last line. Gotta hand it to Cassie lol


  2. It may be a challenge, but Cassie should realize by now, with her many years married to Tom, that he only speaks the truth. At least he doesn't stint on the after-cuddles.

    1. He loves the cuddles as much as Cassie does.

  3. Sometimes I think the Cassie books have become my security blanket. And it is scenes like the one above that make that so.

    Smiles From Ella

    1. They are a happy couple and it's comfortable to be around them.