Saturday, January 4, 2020

Saturday Spankings - A poor reason

**I'm so sorry! This is not a new Saturday Spankings. I signed up with good intentions and the the week got away from me! Our 'Christmas' is tomorrow and the house is full of family and I completely forgot. Please come back next week and I promise to have something new for you! I have put up the new list of participants for this week at the bottom, so go check out the snippets of those who remembered better than I did!

Greeting! I’ve missed the last few Saturday Spankings and I’m happy to be back. I’m glad you’re here too. I’m doing one more snippet from Searching for Home, the fourth in the Cal’s Law series and around the first of the year I’ll share a little from each of my fifteen books. 

In today’s snippet Ryan finds out his lovely wife Allie, is a secret smoker. Let’s just say he’s not happy. Knowing how bright his wife truly is he’s confused and wants to know exactly why she started.

“It doesn’t matter,” she muttered, heading into the living room.
“It matters to me,” Ryan said, following her.
“Fine!” Allie finally snapped at him. “You want to know? I’m sick and tired of being Little Miss Perfect! I feel dull. It’s not like I want to do everything Cassie and Sue have done over the years, but I love the way they grab life by the balls and shake it! Jenny’s right there with them and I feel like the  timid one. I’m usually the one telling them to settle. I’m the ‘voice of reason.’ Well, I’m tired of it! I want to be one of the fun ones, not the girl sitting with her hands folded, behaving just as she should!”
“Damn!” Ryan barked. “Maybe you are stupid! You take up smoking in secret to get yourself in trouble? That makes a hell of a lot of sense. And just how ‘good’ do you think you are? You talked Cassie, Sue and Annie into getting tattoos a few years ago. And …”
“I did not! I …”
“I’m not finished,” Ryan told her. “You’ve been right by Mom’s side nearly every time she’s gotten herself into trouble, since you met her. You got arrested with her for breaking into that hotel last year!”
“We weren’t arrested…” Allie tried to interrupt again.
“And all this smoking mess,” Ryan went on, getting louder and louder, “is it because I don’t get mad enough? Don’t yell enough? Don’t spank you as hard or as often as Dad spanks Mom? I can change that. I can find a ton of things to be picky about. I can spank you every time you blink wrong. Is that the kind of husband you want me to be? I can do it. But if I change, you’ll lose the husband you have now.”

This is a stand-alone book, but if you'd like to get to know these people better, you can start here:

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  1. Very poignant exchange PK. Had to giggle at Ryan pointing out just how 'not good' Allie has been in the past and love his last sentence. Very true.


    1. Allie doesn't seek trouble like Cassie does - but she does follow Cassie.

  2. Tatoos, a near arrest, and smoking. Love that she thinks she's dull. Something else is going on here, but I'm not certain what.

    1. Listen to Cassie had gotten her into trouble more than once.

  3. I don't blame Ryan for being upset. Smoking can kill you, and if you aren't already hooked what's the point in tempting fate. I'm not sure why Allie thought smoking could or would give her what she seeks, but it sounds like Ryan is more than willing to step up if she needs him to be more dominant.

    1. I think Allie had an episode of being brain dead! But I think Ryan will wake that brain right up!

  4. Sometimes the holidays consume everything you've got to give. No problems. It's a great snippet. Thanks for posting and enjoy your family.

  5. I did love this snippet PK. It is a busy time of year, and you get Christmas again, how awesome:) Enjoy the celebrations and family time together:)