Saturday, January 25, 2020

Saturday Spanking - Asking without asking

Welcome to a Saturday Spankings. Hopefully this will help warn us up on this cold wintery day. I’m putting up snippets from my first book, Cassie’s Space. Cassie and Tom lived a domestic discipline lifestyle since they were married. It was actually several years in before Tom introduce spanking just for fun.
He used the ruse one day of scolding Cassie for not putting a dress, that she had momentarily placed on the bed, properly – when in truth she was much more fastidious about the care of her clothes than Tom was about his. Ending his scolding with the words, “So from now on, if I find your clothes thrown around as I have tonight, you’ll get a spanking – like you’re getting tonight.” He had a wonderful playful gleam in his eyes and a fantastic night to follow. Cassie was a fan at once!

We’ve come so far since that night. We know each other so much better and we love each other so much more. Over the years, games have come and gone, but as that special evening floated through my mind again I couldn’t help wondering if it would still work. I decided to give it a try. Starting at the door, I left a trail of clothing across the bedroom floor, shoes, slacks, blouse, bra and panties. Tom came up shortly and stopped just inside the door to survey the scene. All the clothing scattered on the floor, and me in bed, wearing nothing but a big grin. He just shook his head and walked over, rolling up his sleeves, saying, “Cassie, when will you ever learn?”

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  1. Ha ha, fun snippet PK. Those kind of spankings are the best. I just love Cassie's mischievous side :)


    1. I do too. Serious, sad, funny and mischievous all these sides make her real to me.

  2. Love the image of him rolling up his sleeves. Really sweet snippet!

    1. Thanks Etta. I have that picture in my mind too.

  3. Definitely shows their playful side. Love the snippet, PK.