Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday Spanking - She did as he said...

Happy Saturday! I’m continuing today in the fifth book from the Cassie’s Space series, Cassie’s Conflict. Cassie and Tom are differing over the state of Cassie’s health. When Cassie experiences a few minor dizzy spells Tom turns it into a federal case, dragging her to her doctor against her will. Tom is probably not going to be pleased with how Cassie acts during the visit as she totally ignores the nurse’s questions.

The nurse turned to me. “Honey, just sit here on the table and let me get your blood pressure. Now what were you doing last night before you fainted? When had you eaten last?” I continued to ignore her. As far as I was concerned, this was Tom’s visit and he could do the talking.
Tom answered her questions as she did her workup. Finally she turned to him in a lower voice and asked, “Does she speak?”
“She can talk a blue streak when she wants to. She is just being obstinate at the moment, but that’s going to change soon, isn’t it, Cassie Jane?” I was certainly aware of the warning, but I still said nothing. The little nurse, looking puzzled, told us that the doctor would be right in.
Tom got up as she left and looked me right in the eye. “You better get hold of yourself, girl. You fainted last night and I want you checked out. I expect you to answer Richard’s questions fully and honestly. I’ve had enough of this behavior. It stops now or you are going to feel the remnant of my displeasure for the rest of the afternoon.”
I didn’t respond and Tom sat back down. I know my doctor well. I have no objection to regular checkups. Although he is very thorough, he also knows that Tom can be a worrywart. He swung into the room with a smile on his face. “Good to see you, Cassie! What’s wrong today?”
“Not a damn thing,” I answered truthfully just as Tom had instructed me to.

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  1. Oh Cassie! Lol that honesty is going to smack you in the butt... wait, no, that’s Tom who’ll do the spanking!

    1. I suppose, but she did do as he asked!

  2. Love this! Yes, she might have answered truthfully, but she also knows Tom will be less than pleased with her response.

    1. Lets just say he carried through on his threat.

  3. LoL,love this. Cassie sure loves goading Tom. It isn't going to end well for her rear lol


    1. True, but I have to admire her for standing her ground anyway.