Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday Spankings - The Danger of Fighting

I’m glad you’re here for another Saturday Spankings. My snippet is from the fifth Cassie’s Space book, Cassie’s Conflict.


In my post last week show how the ‘fight’ began between Tom and Cassie. This snippet picks up just a short time later. If you haven’t read that snippet, click here. Tom is ready to get Cassie back to the hotel but she’s still mad not ready to go.


“I’m not leaving. I’ll go when I’m damn good and ready,” I replied coldly.

Tom stopped dancing and looked me straight in the eye. “You better be good and ready within thirty seconds or I’m going to put you over my knee and wear you out right here and now.”

Would he have? Would he have really? At our age? In front of our friends and his colleagues? Surely not. But I wasn’t ready to find out for sure. I followed Tom to the table to tell the others we were leaving. Andy said, “We’re right behind you.” But we didn’t wait.

It was not a relaxing walk back. I could feel my heart pounding. Surely Tom was too angry to do any spanking when we reached the hotel. I knew he was still very upset with me and unfortunately I was just as upset with him, but with much less recourse. 

“Tom, are we going to talk? Are you going to listen to me?”

“Cassie Jane, I can’t think of a thing you could possible say that’s going to keep me from wearing you out.”

 I didn’t want to return to the hotel at all. I had to have a minute to breathe and gather myself. I wasn’t thinking clearly at all. We were across the street from the beach. I needed the beach. I wanted to run. Just long enough to clear the anger away. Of course, Tom’s the runner in the family, but given enough incentive I’m not a bad sprinter. I could kick off my sandals the minute I hit the sand. Bare foot in a lightweight dress, I felt like I could outdistance Tom in his suit and street shoes.

I didn’t want to give Tom any warning of what I was planning. I needed to take him completely off guard so I turned in an instant and ran – directly in the path of an oncoming car.

Suddenly everything in my world faded away except the lights of the car bearing down on me and the sound of the screaming tires.

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  1. I know Cassie is being impulsive, but I can't help emphasizing with her. I understand Tom's anger and yet, his not willing to at least listen to Cassie's objections seems wrong. However, her one quick turn into the street just changed everything. Intense snippet, PK.

    1. He would have listen, but I don't think she could have changed his mind. Of course, this stunt turned everything upside down.

  2. Oh no! That has definitely changed everything. I Agree with Kathryn, I can understand her anger, especially when she insisted she felt fine. I can also understand Tom's. She deserves to be heard though. Very intense snippet full of emotion.


    1. I saw this scene happening in my mind nearly two years before I wrote it. It too that long for Cassie to tell me what had led up to it.

  3. I was with her until the car! Not paying attention made everything under that microscope much clearer!

    1. Can you imagine how Tom felt? It was a bad night all around.