Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Is Tom overreacting?

    Welcome back to Saturday Spankings. Today’s snippet, from Cassie’s Ordeal, the 7th in the Cassie’s Space series. Cassie has been getting strange phone calls, calls she is sure it only a wrong number. But they keep coming and they’ve begun to sound more like threats. She hasn’t told Tom about them because she’s sure he’ll overreact.

Once Sue picks up the phone and hears one she insist that Cassie tell Tom. Tom was upset and makes a call of his own.


I was too curious to keep my mouth shut, so much for not speaking. “Who was that?” I demanded. 

“Cal Bennett, the sheriff. You met him when you and Sue got yourselves locked in when you were trespassing that time. He and I run together some in the mornings. I want to get his take on this.”

I remembered him all right. There was something about him, and the look he gave Tom that night that made me think he knew exactly was Tom was going to do to me that night as soon as he got me alone. I also remembered thinking he looked too young to be a sheriff. I told Tom, “Well you and your little friend have fun playing detective, but leave me out of it.”

“Cassie Jane, you are on thin ice. You will answer all his questions completely and politely. That is more than a request.” Tom added. I hate it when he gets snippy.

Dinner was a quiet affair that evening, we neither had much to say to one another. Soon enough Sherriff Bennett showed up. Tom filled him in quickly on all that he knew. “Cassie tells me this has been going on for over several months, but she just told me about it today.”

The sheriff turned to me, “You’ve been getting these calls for months and didn’t tell your husband?”

“Isn’t that what he just said?” I snapped, annoyed at his tone.

Oh my, that did not set well with Tom. “Excuse us for a minute, Cal, I need to speak with Cassie.” Tom was on his feet and headed my way with a look that had ‘hairbrush’ written all over it.

This one time I was faster, I smoothly moved toward the kitchen saying “Not now, Tom. Sheriff  I’m sorry, I haven’t offered you anything to drink, coffee, tea, wine?”


Cassie loves her life on the river with Tom and her friends. She feels Tom has her wrapped in a safe and protected cocoon of love.  But her world is jarred when the phone calls begin. Cassie hesitates to tell Tom about them knowing he’ll over react and she will be the one under ‘house arrest’. But when the calls go from annoying to frightening she has no choice. Tom brings in the police to find out who is behind the harassment and makes plans to keep Cassie safe, but he’s too late – Cassie is gone without a trace.

The police begin an all-out search, but there are few clues to go on. Will life on the river ever be the same again?

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  1. Is Tom over reacting? No way! He knows his Cassie well. And she should know better than to keep things from him!

    1. You would think she has realized that by now, but evidently not.

  2. I agree with Lindy. Keeping secrets from Tom never works out well for Cassie, but this time I cheered for her to make her escape. Gotta love the girl for her gumption!

    1. You have to pull for Cassie any time she can change Tom's mind - it doesn't happen often.

  3. Tom is quick and knows something dangerous is going on.... Cassies quick on her feet but Tom is on to her! Lol

    1. You have to feel for her. The calls aren't her fault.

  4. Keeping things from Tom is never a good idea. He's not overreacting at all. Had to laugh at the ending. Somehow I don't think it will save Cassie a spanking. Just delay it maybe.


    1. True, he does not like to be kept in the dark. She may slip out of this one, but with Tom you never know.