Saturday, December 19, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Rescue

Happy Saturday to all. I’m still doing snippets from Cassie’s Ordeal, seventh in the Cassie Series books. 

Cassie ordeal of being taken from her home and held captive has been a terrifying experience. Trying to convince her captor that he doesn’t have to restrain her she has spent the day seeming to go in and out of consciousness. Even after being rescued she still isn’t certain of what all is happening.


Mike Reynolds became furious that I had been overheard by the police. I don’t know how many times he hit me, but he got in several blows before the police got him subdued. I remember nothing about being taken to the hospital. Once there I still wasn’t very clear. I felt I was in a hospital, but I also thought that it just might be another dream. I had spent all that time pretending to be out of it, and I was still in that frame of mind. Someone was telling me to open my eyes. Someone asked me to squeeze their hand. I was scared to do either.

Meanwhile the police bought Tom and Ryan to the hospital. One of the first people they saw as they rushed in, was Richard Bridges, my personal physician. He had come to the hospital when he heard that the police thought they had the suspect contained. I found later that I was the lead story in the news that day. I think I prefer anonymity. “Where, where …” was all Tom could get out.

Richard was firm, “Give me five minutes, Tom. Let me check her out. I promise I’ll get you back there in minutes. But wait right now.” He then turned and hurried down the hall.

“We’re not getting a good response,” he was told as he walked in. “She’s not responding to commands.”

Richard came over to me; looking at all the monitors they had me hooked to. He pulled my eyes opened one at a time and shined a light into them. Seeing and hearing Richard gave me hope; this dream didn’t seem to be fading. “Cassie,” he said firmly, “we can’t let Tom back here until we get some cooperation from you.”

Richard addressed the nurse. “I’ve known Cassie for years. If you want to get anything from her you need to wave her husband in her face.” The nurse began questioning me again.

“Can you tell us your name?”

“Cassie Duff.”

“Ms. Duff, do you know where you are?”

“I’m in a hospital.”

“What year is it, ma’am?”

I told them.

Richard spoke then, “How old are you?” 

Richard is fully aware I don’t like to say my age in front of anyone.

I slowly turned my head to look at him. He seemed real and I reached out to take hold of the front of his shirt to make sure he didn’t vanish. Holding on to his shirt I told him in a soft voice, “It’s no one’s business how old I am, and if you want to see another birthday go get Tom.” Richard’s booming laughter seemed to fill the hospital.


Cassie loves her life on the river with Tom and her friends. She feels Tom has her wrapped in a safe and protected cocoon of love.  But her world is jarred when the phone calls begin. Cassie hesitates to tell Tom about them knowing he’ll over react and she will be the one under ‘house arrest’. But when the calls go from annoying to frightening she has no choice. Tom brings in the police to find out who is behind the harassment and makes plans to keep Cassie safe, but he’s too late – Cassie is gone without a trace.

The police begin an all-out search, but there are few clues to go on. Will life on the river ever be the same again?

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  1. Love this excerpt, PK. I really like the way she spoke to her physician knowing full well her response meant she was fully back with them.

    1. Thanks Kathryn, you got it exactly. Cassie was with it and she wanted Tom.

  2. Such a relief! Cassie was back! She’s strong!

  3. This is a very powerful clip PK. You've got me completely sucked in. I want more!! Amy

    1. So glad to see you here, Amy! I hope you'll read more.