Saturday, December 12, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Tom's worst nightmare

Welcome back to Saturday Spankings – a blog hop I enjoy very much and I’d like to encourage others to join. I’m doing snippets from Cassie’s Ordeal, the 7th in the Cassie’s Space series. Last week Sue realized that Cassie had been taken, presumably by the mysterious caller.

Through the work of several sheriff departments, they now know who has her and where. Tom and Ryan go with the officers to be close at hand. A hostage negotiator speak with the man as Sue and the others, back at the house, listen on a police radio.  



Reynolds said nothing, but didn’t hang up. The negotiator continued, “Right now we need to speak with Mrs. Duff. Put her on the phone, we just want to make sure she’s all right. ”

There was a nasty laugh then, “You want to know if she’s all right? She’s just great. You tell old money bags that I’ve really enjoyed my afternoon with her. But I’m afraid Miss Cassie’s tied up at the moment and can’t come to the phone.” And he hung up again. Ryan told us later he wanted to jerk the headphones off Tom. Ryan was nearly sick with dread, but the idea of what Tom was going through was destroying the boy.

They called back. “Mr. Reynolds, this can all be worked out. None of this is irreparable. Is Mrs. Duff hurt? Does she need any medical attention?”

That sickening laugh came again. “You tell Duff she’s just fine. He’ll get her back, maybe a finger one day, a hand the next. I don’t know,” he sneered. “She might be dead. It’s hard to tell with all that blood.”

Tom jerked violently. But then, in the background, they heard Cassie, loud, clear as a bell and angry, “You stop that and let me speak to my husband!”

Then there was a commotion, the phone was dropped and they heard Cassie cry out in pain. Suddenly the radio back at the house where we were listening exploded with chatter. “Hostage under attack! GO! GO! GO!”


Cassie loves her life on the river with Tom and her friends. She feels Tom has her wrapped in a safe and protected cocoon of love.  But her world is jarred when the phone calls begin. Cassie hesitates to tell Tom about them knowing he’ll over react and she will be the one under ‘house arrest’. But when the calls go from annoying to frightening she has no choice. Tom brings in the police to find out who is behind the harassment and makes plans to keep Cassie safe, but he’s too late – Cassie is gone without a trace.

The police begin an all-out search, but there are few clues to go on. Will life on the river ever be the same again?

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  1. What an awful, tense situation! Poor Tom listening to that! Gotta love Cassie's tenacity.


    1. She couldn't stand Tom being tortured so, regardless of what she was going through.

  2. Omg! Omg! So intense! So hard for everyone to hear!