Saturday, May 29, 2021

Saturday Spankings - Cassie overhears

Happy Saturday! I’m glad you stopped by. I’m putting up snippets from Searching for Home, the fourth in the Cal’s Law series. This snippet takes place after Allie was attacked in a home invasion, she has some broken ribs and she’s worried about that and several things going on in her life. She’s talking over the problems with Jenny, when Cassie overhears. Cassie is furious that she’s been left in the dark and she lets them know it.


Cassie froze. Eavesdropping wasn’t polite, but she wasn’t moving.

“If there is a hint that we’re not honest, I’ll lose all my clients and the business will be finished.” Allie moaned, “Our money is so tight now. What if Ryan really does decide we have to sell the house and move? That would kill me! But we’ve got the house payment, the truck payment, a couple of business loans and we’re putting money away for taxes. And he’s putting even more away to repay Cassie and Tom and…”

Cassie could take it no longer. She entered the room, her heels tapping sharply with each stride. “Allie Marie, you tell me exactly what you’re talking about and tell me right this minute!”

“Mom! I… didn’t hear you come in. It’s nothing, really…”

“I don’t want to hear that!” Cassie snapped, her volume rising as she continued to speak. “Who are you? I think of you girls as two of my best friends. I thought we didn’t have secrets. First, you both run off on a girls’ trip without telling us – that was fine, but not staying in touch? Not answering our calls or even our texts? That’s inexcusable!” Cassie was only now realizing how much that had hurt her feelings. Both her anger and her voice continued to rise as she looked directly at Allie. “And now I hear you’re being accosted by some man, your business threatened by him, money problems, thinking of leaving The Landing and you say nothing to me?”

Lily was hurrying down the stairs. “Who doin’ all that yellin’? What’s goin’ on down here?” she demanded.

“It’s me and I plan to keep on yelling! Don’t mess with me Lily!” Cassie shouted.

Cassie’s anger seemed so great that Lily was as stunned as the girls. She saw that Allie was crying. “Missy, I don’t know why you so mad, but you don’t want to get Allie cryin’ hard. That wouldn’t be good for her,” Lily pointed out, quietly.

Cassie turned and swept from the porch. Each of the three flinched as they heard her bedroom door slam.

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Jenny is happily married to her strong, gorgeous sheriff. She has great friends and a good job. But life is never perfect is it? Within a short time, she and Cal have to move from the home they rent, need to move in with his parents and receive life-changing news from her mother’s lawyer. Jenny’s friend and boss, Allie, has her share of problems too – money woes, grabby clients and burglaries near her work.


When they try to keep their worries from their protective husbands, they find out what it means to have an alpha man to deal with. After the girls are attacked at work, things seem to go from bad to worse. Taking on adult responsibilities is never easy as they’re finding out the hard way. Good thing they have their older friends, Cassie, Sue, Annie and Lily to fall back on.

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  1. Oh dear, poor Allie has a lot to deal with and I can understand Cassie's anger. I think she might be more upset that Allie didn't confide in her. It's a good thing in a sense that Cassie heard as she now knows Ryan and Allie need some help.

    It's a good thing too that Lily intervened when she did.


    1. Allie thought she was protecting Cassie, but Cassie was having none of it. And yes, it was good Lily could step in.

  2. I agree with Roz. I think Cassie is more hurt than angry over what has happened. She thought Allie trusted her, and now she's not sure about that at all. I feel for both women. Wonderful snippet, PK.

    1. Cassie was hurt and terrified that the children might be moving.

  3. I totally get the anger Cassie feels, however understand Allie trying to do it on her own. Sometimes our friends and family don’t understand it’s better to confide in our true friends. Of course Cassie was hurt.

    1. The idea of the kids maybe moving away scared Cassie badly and she was hurt to have been in the dark. But alls well that ends well.