Saturday, May 8, 2021

Saturday Spankings - A special night

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. While waiting for my new book to come out I’m putting up snippets from Searching for Home, the fourth book in the Cals Law series. Cal and Jenny have been staying with his parents as they wait to get a place of their own. For this night Cal gets them a hotel room where they can let themselves be wild and loud. He pulls out a new toy  to bring some excitement to their night – nipple clamps and well as a third clamp for an even more sensitive area…


He released her right nipple and Jenny squealed as the blood rushed back in. Unable to use her hands, she begged Cal for help. His mouth closed over her throbbing nipple and sucked gently as she writhed beneath him. Before she completely adjusted, he released the second nipple clamp, causing her to squeal again.

Jenny pulled at the restraints. Pain and pleasure, woven together, seemed to lash her whole body. Cal quickly went to the end of the bed and released her legs. What about the other clamp? Jenny wondered. What was taking that one off going to feel like?

She had little time to think as Cal took the cuffs off her wrists and flipped her to her stomach. “Up!” she heard him command and then he quickly grabbed her hips, pulling her up to her knees. The curve of her firm, round buttocks was nearly more than Cal could take. Putting his hands on her hipbones, he pulled her back as he plunged into her deep pink center. As he filled her, he undid the last clamp. His hand closed over her mons and his fingers danced where the clip had been. She couldn’t begin to name the feeling she experienced as the clamp was removed.

Jenny was shouting his name over and over as he continued to pleasure her inside and out. He was pumping faster and harder as he felt her orgasm beginning, her muscles contracting around him like a fist. And mingled with Jenny’s shouts was Cal’s roar as he came.

They collapsed onto the bed, spooning together in silence and slept for hours.

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Blurb : 

Jenny is happily married to her strong, gorgeous sheriff. She has great friends and a good job. But life is never perfect is it? Within a short time, she and Cal have to move from the home they rent, need to move in with his parents and receive life-changing news from her mother’s lawyer. Jenny’s friend and boss, Allie, has her share of problems too – money woes, grabby clients and burglaries near her work.


When they try to keep their worries from their protective husbands, they find out what it means to have an alpha man to deal with. After the girls are attacked at work, things seem to go from bad to worse. Taking on adult responsibilities is never easy as they’re finding out the hard way. Good thing they have their older friends, Cassie, Sue, Annie and Lily to fall back on.



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  1. Phew, *fanning herself* super hot snippet PK!


    1. Jenny and Cal can really get it on at times!

  2. Sexy and intense. I'm not a clamp girl myself, but your excerpt makes me want to try it.

    1. I'm not either, but Jenny will try nearly anything.