Saturday, August 14, 2021

Saturday Spankings - Troubles in Town

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. I’m so excited to have the second book in the On the River series out – Secrets on the River. I try to put a little of everything in my books in an attempt to make it as real as possible, some sex, some spanking, lots of dialogue, a little action and deep committed friendships.

In today’s snippet Cassie and Sue have just had a run in with a purse snatcher and didn’t come out of it too well, but their friends are close by.


Sirens wailed as a police car pulled up. The moment they had the hapless thief in cuffs, Jenny and Lane raced back to Cassie and Sue. Allie sat with Cassie, trying to calm her as Lily knelt by Sue. Allie spoke soothingly instructing Cassie to be still. Annie was dashing between the two.

“Help me up!” Cassie demanded. “I know Sue’s hurt! Go help her!” Cassie was in obvious pain, clutching her left arm to her chest, but her worry for Sue wiped her own pain from her thoughts.

“Lily’s got her,” Jenny told Cassie, as she knelt beside her. “Where all do you hurt?” she questioned.

“It’s nothing. Please check on Sue,” Cassie cried.

Annie rushed over. “How is she?” Cassie questioned before Annie could speak. Annie didn’t answer but her frightened eyes told Cassie more than she wanted to know.

“Get me up from here,” she yelled frantically. Though they knew she shouldn’t move, Jenny and Lane carefully helped her to her feet and supported her as she walked to where Sue lay. 

“Sue!” Cassie cried in anguish. Sue looked bad. They could see the bruises forming where she’d been hit and there was blood coming from under her head.

“Sue, Sue! Don’t you dare die on me!” Cassie was near hysterics. “Is she breathing? Oh, Lily, help her, please!”

“It okay, Missy. She breathin’,” Lily assured her. But the worried look on her face spoke louder than her words.

“Sit her down!” Annie cried as Cassie slumped against Jenny in a dead faint.

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Everyone has secrets, but most don’t have major implications. When Jenny tries to keep her weekend activities from Cal, the repercussions of him finding out land only on her. But some secrets are bigger and more far reaching. You would think that as long as Cassie, Sue and Annie have known each other, surely they could have no real secrets from one another. But you’d be surprised. The full truth behind one secret may never be known, another could change the face of The Landing forever.


From steamy sex to both playful and painful spankings, the people on the river continue to live and love and marvel at all that are learning.

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  1. What a truly scary ordeal for poor Cassie and Sue! This snippet really shows the depth of friendship and love between all the gals. Great snippet PK!


    1. Yes, these women depend on one another as much as they do their husbands. It's a great friendship.

  2. This snippet perfectly captures the love theme running throughout the entire book! I loved every minute of this story!

    1. Yes the women do have a love story of their own.

  3. Intense snippet, PK. I felt Cassie's anxiety right along with her. Great job.