Saturday, April 23, 2022

Saturday Spankings - Leaving

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. I’m continuing with snippets from my latest, Suspicions on the River. 

Once again the ladies are off on a girls’ trip. Though they love their husbands dearly, they love their short trips with just the girls. Not all the husbands feel the same way.


There was quite a crowd to bid the ladies farewell at Cassie’s Sunday morning. Jake took Lane over and helped store her bag in the car top luggage carrier on Sue’s car.

“I wouldn’t have thought you could get six women and all their crap into one car,” Jake muttered.

Cassie overheard. “We couldn’t if Sue didn’t always insist on driving the largest car known to man. But it does come in handy at times,” she admitted.

There was much kissing and hugging. Ryder and Sophie were standing with Lily and Henry when Ryder asked, “Are they always like this? The guys are acting like the women are leaving on a world tour. They’ll be home on Thursday, right?”

Lily smiled. “The menfolk don’t like it one bit. But Missy and Miss Priss seem to have to do this ever’ now and then and they want all the womenfolk together.”

“Why aren’t you and Sophie going then?” he asked. 

“Cuz we got better sense,” Lily told him firmly. 

Sophie grinned and nodded. “Lily’s right. Here we’ve got the river, fishing and swimming. Granddad says he’ll take us skiing. I can play with Christian and Willow. And…” Sophie stopped herself, blushing slightly. “…lots of things,” she finished lamely. Ryder was definitely one of the reasons she wanted to stay back at The Landing.

Finally the women were piling into the car and they pulled away with Allie driving. Lily, always keenly aware of her family and how they were feeling, watched the men. Cal, Ryan and Jake were laughing and talking together. But that wasn’t true for Tom, Steve and Andy.  They all stood silently looking down the road to where the car had disappeared, each looking as if the light had gone from the day.


Suspicions on the river (a Cassie’s family story)

Book three in the On the River series


Cal and Jenny have a nearly idyllic marriage. There are rare trips across his lap for minor problems, but most of those trips are just for fun. Could that be changing? Pat, Cal’s former lover, has moved back to town and she wouldn’t mind giving it another try with Cal. She feels he can’t be serious about this little twit that he married so quickly. Pat feels that once Cal realizes she offers him a better option, he’ll choose her. But soon mysterious things begin happening to Pat. Is someone trying to run her out of town? Could that someone be Jenny?


Cassie and the whole river family try to keep Jenny occupied and out of trouble, but suspicions just go from bad to worse. Both Jenny and Pat want Cal and they’re willing to fight for him. How dirty will this fight get?

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  1. I love the last line, PK. I can just imagine how those guys feel. They're protective enough, that having the girls away from them, just doesn't sit right. Great snippet!

    1. You're right. They really hate the ladies being away. They want to be with them.

  2. Ah bless, the guys are going to miss them. I think Lily and Sophie had the right idea lol. What mischief will the girls get up to this trip I wonder:)


    1. Cassie, Sue and the girls get into mischief? Surely you jest!