Saturday, April 2, 2022

Saturday Spankings - Wake up call


Happy Saturday Spankings! It’s starting to look like spring around my house and I love it. Today’s snippet is from my new book, Suspicions on the River. Cassie and the girls have planned another girls’ trip and Tom is not thrilled. He has his own way of letting Cassie know his feelings.

The next morning, Tom quietly went into the house after his run, hoping to find Cassie still asleep. He smiled, there she was curled up just where he’d left her. Quickly whipping back the sheet, he began spanking with abandon.

“What…what…? Tom! Stop! What is wrong with you? Oww!” Cassie was fast becoming fully awake. She tried crawling to the far side of the bed, but Tom, loving having her on hands and knees, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him.

“It’s nearly seven o’clock. You’re burnin’ daylight, girl,” he chided.

“Well that’s not what you’re burning! Stop it!” she demanded.

Tom laughed and let her go. Then went after her for a morning kiss as she scooted across the bed.

Cassie blocked him with a pillow to the head. “I think you know that is my least favorite way to wake up!” she told him, landing another blow with the pillow.

“Come now, it’s not your least favorite. Remember when you used to sleep so late that I thought for sure you must be sick? I’d need to take your temperature to make sure you were all right?” he reminded her.

Cassie squirmed a bit remembering how he’d taken her temperature. “What has you in such an annoyingly good mood this morning?”

“I’m not in a good mood. I’m in a sad and lonely mood since you’re taking nearly all the beautiful women from The Landing on a girls’ trip. I just felt I should use my time wisely until you abandon me Sunday.”

“I can think of better ways,” Cassie told him as she flopped back onto her pillows. 

Suspicions on the river (a Cassie’s family story)

Book three in the On the River series


Cal and Jenny have a nearly idyllic marriage. There are rare trips across his lap for minor problems, but most of those trips are just for fun. Could that be changing? Pat, Cal’s former lover, has moved back to town and she wouldn’t mind giving it another try with Cal. She feels he can’t be serious about this little twit that he married so quickly. Pat feels that once Cal realizes she offers him a better option, he’ll choose her. But soon mysterious things begin happening to Pat. Is someone trying to run her out of town? Could that someone be Jenny?


Cassie and the whole river family try to keep Jenny occupied and out of trouble, but suspicions just go from bad to worse. Both Jenny and Pat want Cal and they’re willing to fight for him. How dirty will this fight get?

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  1. Loved this PK, great to see the fun Tom and Cassie have together. Not sure that would be my favourite way to wake up either.


  2. I agree with Roz. Though I understand Tom's reasons, Cassie made a very valid point. That's a rough awakening, but a great snippet.

  3. Roz and Kathryn - so sorry for forgetting to answer my comments last week!

    Roz - I agree not how I want to wake up, but love to see them happy and playful.

    Kathryn - Cassie stands by the 'no spanking before coffee' rule!